These are Some Awesome Fish

No, seriously, you guys! These FISH! I love them! But I didn't make them. Nope. They are handmade paper fish that were created by a wonderful young lady who is preparing to begin third grade. She is a smart girl with a heart of gold. She is a thinker and a creator. She helps others and she gives entirely of her own accord. I'm telling you, this kid is AMAZING. And her Mom is pretty amazing, too. Kathy (her Mom) runs a blog called Bliss Habits. It is WELL worth your time. As a matter of fact, it is a gift each day. A moment just for you. I highly recommend it. You can also find her on her Bliss Habits Facebook page.

This young lady created these fish and is considering starting a small online business selling them to crafters and card makers like you and me! She sent me a few, absolutely free, to try out and show off!

Thank You So Much by Jennifer Ingle #JustJingle #BlissHabits #ThankYou #Cards

Yes. Those fish. She made them. By hand. And she sent me several in a variety of sizes including a tiny one that I absolutely LOVE!!!! For REALS, you guys! They are so well made, too! I was actually really super impressed by the craftsmanship. I couldn't have done it better myself and I work with paper a LOT, folks.

Thank You So Much by Jennifer Ingle #JustJingle #BlissHabits #ThankYou #Cards

I added the fish to a cute background paper and then stamped a simple thank you sentiment on a white panel across the card. A few enamel dots were the perfect accent along with these super cute fish!

Keep an eye on the Bliss Habits Facebook page, as I'm sure if these go up for sale it will be mentioned there! If not, I promise it WILL be mentioned HERE on my blog! Because I love them. And I will be first in line to buy some!

Have a Happy!


  1. Those fish are so cute! Reminds me of home, we've made some out of coconut fronds! The paper ones are cute!

  2. Oh my gosh these fish are SO cute! What a little talented entrepreneur! I love how you used the enamel dots as bubbles. :)

  3. Awww!! Thank you so much for the lovely feature of Jessica's fish! You made her day completely and she is totally thrilled that you like them and that you think her quality is good enough for "a real shop." I have a feeling things are going to get quite fishy here at out house!

  4. those fish are so cool.. great card

  5. Beautiful card and those fishes are so cool!

  6. So cute! Love that you incorporated those fish in a card!

  7. Check out these hand carved fish
    at Hundleyhandcarved@etsy.com!
    You haven't seen anything like them.
    Carla from Utah


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