Wanna Look Adorable in Your Glasses Without Spending a Fortune?

I've got some GOOD news for you!  Firmoo.com.  Yup.  Firmoo is an online prescription eyeglasses retailer that I recently had the pleasure of working with.  They offered me a pair of glasses to review and I was MORE than happy to accept!


You guys, seriously.... I love them.  The process is super easy AND the glasses fit perfectly and are super cute, at at that!  They have a huge selection available on their website.  You can, of course, upload your own photo on the website to 'try' them on, too!  SO FUN!!!!


Here is my video review... basically, I love them, the prices are AWESOME, the quality is fantastic!  Just be sure to get your prescription entered correctly because they won't accept returns if it is YOUR mistake.  Other than that, SUPER easy and SUPER awesome!!!

Seriously.  I love them.  Go over to Firmoo.com and check them out.  Also... if you can get access to family and friends prescriptions, this is an AWESOME Christmas gift!  It is SO much fun to have a few pairs of glasses that I can switch out depending on my outfit!  That makes me happy.


ALSO... Firmoo has an AMAZING First Pair FREE program!  You can check it out on the website!  DO IT!!!


I'm thinking this might be my next pair...  the blue is SO much fun!!!  AND... they have some GREAT Cyber Monday deals ALL WEEK LONG, so check them out NOW!!!!  It's totally worth it!  YOU are totally worth it!

Have a Happy!


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