Powerocks Magicstick

First of all....I'd just like to say that the above photo may be the cutest advertisement photograph EVER.  For reals.  It's pretty darned adorable.    BUT... it's also telling you about a super cool gadget that I'm excited to share with you today!  I was recently sent a Powerocks Magicstick to review and let me tell you these things are just COOL!

The Magicstick is a small, easy to carry around battery backup for your devices.  It is a great size to simply drop into your purse or toss into the glove box on a road trip!  All you have to do is charge the Magicstick and then take it with you!  When your phone starts to run low on battery, simply connect it to the Magicstick and charge it up!  Nice and easy and TOTALLY convenient!

Powerocks offers a variety of devices in different sizes to accomodate all of your charging needs!  I am really excited to be putting one of these fun Magicsticks in The Hubbums stocking for Christmas!  AND...Powerocks ships EVERYTHING for FREE!  Yes.  Everything.  No minimum orders.  All domestic orders are shipped free AND fast... you will get them in 4-5 days!  So... did you pick up a few new devices for the holidays this year?  Order now so you have a back up battery ready for the whole family!

You can find Powerocks...

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And, of course, online at Powerocksusa.com!  Happy charging!


  1. hahahha! No frigging way! I was just at a concert last night and my phone died and I said to dh...why can't they invent a power stick that power charges phones and then BAM! on one of my favorite blogs it's here the next more. What's that? Be careful what you wish for? Absolutely! But this time it was a GOOD thing!!! Merry Christmas chica!

  2. that is a really cool gadget and how many times do you wish you had your charger or access to a plug and don't!


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