Let's Roll.... away....in a grocery cart... carried by balloons....heart shaped ones....

Just sayin'. That sounds like a HECK of a good time to me! HA! I mean, for REALS, folks! Can you just imagine? Picture it with me. You are sitting in the back of a grocery cart, arms around your knees being carried along by a big, wonderful bunch of shiny red heart shaped balloons! RIGHT?! TOTALLY fun. K. So, yeah, that would rock. Why are we discussing this? Well, because I made a card for JUST such an occasion! YAY!

Let's Roll

And now you TOTALLY want to do it even more because the cuteness is SO evident! LOVE! I used the super fun Grocery Cart die from Paper Smooches and the SUPER CUTE Pucker Up stamp set designed by Teri Anderson for Technique Tuesday. LOVE IT!

Let's Roll (detail)

Ummm.... so, seriously. I love those stamps AND I love that die. Actually, that's how this card came to be. I simply loved everything on it so much I had to use it. All at once. 'Cause that's how I roll. HA!

So... are YOU up for a grocery cart adventure today? 'Cause, DUDE, it would rock. For reals.

Have a Happy!


  1. Tee-hee! That is so, so cute!!!

  2. That is just too cute!
    And I love your intro to it :)

  3. haha! I just love your post title and your grocery cart is so cute too. Well done with this card and thanks for the joy ride! ;)

  4. HA!! So cute and creative! Some days I would totally float away in a shopping cart (or maybe my kids should - lol)!

  5. Seriously cute! I have this super fun image of you zooming around a parking lot in a grocery cart now. :)

  6. SHUT... stinkin ... up! Yeah, girl! I LOVE IT!



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