No Bones About It!

Because everybody needs a good pun in their life now and then. Just sayin'.

No Bones About It

Oh. And when you get the urge to glue a puppy treat to a card. You should totally do it. There. Two lessons you can take from today's post. Puns and Puppy treats! The MORE you KNOW! (Did you sing that... if you didn't go back and do it that way. You know... like on the little PSA's on whatever tv station it was that was always doing that. LOL!)

I created this card for a publication call using things from 'around the house'. I don't know WHY I thought of those treats, but the card turned out super cute! I was hunted down by a certain little black Labrador, however, throughout the entire creation of this card. I sealed the treat with clear coat, which helped to cool down the little a bit, as she couldn't smell it as well. HA! It also made it better for use in paper crafting. Win, win, folks! HA!

No Bones About It (detail)

The sad part, however, is that I cannot send this card to anyone. *sigh* While I had put it on a high shelf, it got relocated last week when I was going through some of my cards and I accidentally put it lower to the ground. I was quite sure she had forgotten about it, anyway.

Note to self: Dogs never forget ANYTHING!!!! LOL!

She found it. She attempted to get the treat off of it. The computer printed ink got wet with dog slobber, and the ink ran. Sad. Day. HA! Okay...actually, minorly hilarious day, but... you know. And no. I caught her and stopped her before she actually ate anything so my dog did not ingest clear coat. (I know some of you were concerned. HA!)

So...ummm... yeah. The dog ate my homework. For Reals.

So. That's the story of this fun little card. I might go recreate the sentiment (as I, of course, did not save the file) and remake it because it's so darned cute, but we shall see. The little was quite distressed by my misuse of treats, so, I'm thinkin' maybe I'll work with something slightly less, oh, I don't know... edible next time. HA!

Have a Happy!

Cardstock: (white) Crafter's Companion, (brown) Stampin' Up!, (kraft) Neenah
Clear Stamps: (Circle Friends set) Simon Says Stamp
Ink: (Tuxedo Black) Tsukineko
Clear Coat: Krylon
Treat: Milkbone


  1. oh my how clever.. this is awesome..


  2. That is so cute and such a funny story, dogs just know and they never forget where a treat is!

  3. ha! sounds like a great layout--The Dog Ate My Homework...for reals.

  4. Your post made me LOL. The card is (was) just darling though. So fun and clever!

  5. As soon as I saw the card, I wondered it if survived....it never would have at our house either. Geronimo TWICE has taken Andrew's unopened box of Samoas, opened it, unsealed the cookies, and eaten them all....and it looks like a person opened the box....

  6. So cute and clever and apparently the dog thought so too. LOL!

  7. This is so much fun! One alternative is cast the doggie treat in Amazing Mold Putty and make a faux bone for the card and your pooch will never be the wiser :)

  8. Haha! That's a cute and cool card. Cute cuz of the dog image and cool for the 3d element

  9. so cute and what a great idea! sorry the doggie ate it but makes for a good story. :) You are the first person I know to use the "my dog ate it excuse" and have it be factual! Happy Friday!

  10. That is so cute, what a great story lol :)

  11. Too funny! Yep, dogs remember when it comes to treats.

  12. That is too awesome!
    Love it! :)

  13. This card is so cuuuuuuuuuute and the story is real funny! TFS!

  14. Ha ha -- that would be cute for a dog Mom for Mother's Day!

  15. Very cute card and I love the dog story!!

  16. EEEEK!!!! This is soooo creative!

  17. Leave it to those puppies!...What an utterly awesome card, such a cool concept and perfect execution.


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