Mini Note Cards? Yup. I've got that.

O.M.G. These were so much fun to make! When I got the two FREAKING ADORABLE camera stamps from Retro Cafe Art Gallery AND this fabulous washi tape in the same box, I pretty much had to use them pretty much in a RIGHT STINKING NOW kind of way. Just say'n.

Hey! Camera Note Cards Set

I decided to create a fun set of mini note cards! I pulled out some Authentique papers, cut them to 3x6 and folded them in half to create the cards. Nice and easy and super cuteness!!! The stamps are SO FUN! The handles are actually camera shaped and so they are not ONLY functional stamps, but they look SO SUPER CUTE on my shelf, too! *LOVE THAT!!!!* I used both the Poulain Camera style and the Fotka Camera style. The Fotka is my favorite! YAY!

Hey Mini Notecard set

The hearts on that washi tape are super transparent, making it even cooler when you lay it down because you can see through them. *LOVE!!!* For reals, you guys...I {heart} washi tape. Just say'n. If you haven't checked out Retro Cafe Art Gallery for washi tape you are missing out! FABULOUS prices and a great selection!

Hey mini notecards

I tied these pretties up with a bit of May Arts twine and stamped the sentiment with an awesome little Stampendous! stamp from the Happy Messages set! I love that set! So useful! It's a fun little project and makes a cute gift addition, too! YAY!

Happy Thursday, folks!

Jingle Out!

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Jingle Out...for reals this time. Just say'n.


  1. What a cute set! The size is so fun and I can see why you had to create immediately with that camera stamp. Totally adorable! :)

  2. cute note cards...love that little camera image...

  3. Love the camera/washi combo. Very cute cards! I can see why you wanted to break into them right away. :)

  4. Those are so, so cute!!!
    I love camera stamps and washi tape.
    So to me they are the perfect combo :)

  5. amazing~love it, so cute!!! my style too!!

  6. Darling- love the idea of using DSP and that camera is so much fun!!!

  7. Round numbers are so satisfying, aren't they? Hope you hit 1300 quickly! How great are these little cameras & OMG MINI CARDS! *love*

  8. Eek! How cute are those tiny cameras! Adorable mini cards!!

  9. Adorable! Love the washi tape!

  10. LOVE this camera image!! These are so cute...I would stack and re-stack them over and over again just to admire them!

  11. Cute!! I love the camera image and how much cuter is it when you look at the mount!


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