So, it is What's On Your Workspace Wednesday and I have some FUN desk shots to share with you today, let me tell you! Let's start with the current shot:

WOYWW 5.2.2012

Okay...regular readers...do you notice the change? Well, other than the fact that it is actually pretty clean right now? (I'm aware that is actually a really BIG change, but, alas, not the one of which I am speaking right now. HA!) Can you see it???? YUP! That's a brand new Fiskars big 'ole cutting mat on my desk and I LOVE IT! Wanna know the best part? SIX DOLLARS! Not. Even. Kidding. I got that sucker for $6 at CKC Manchester last weekend! LOVE!!!!

And...you can also see my stack 'o stamps there on my desk! Those are all Gourmet Rubber Stamps sets that I am dying to get inky!!!!

BUT...I really want to show you what my desk looked like when I got home from the convention! Ready for this, folks? I don't usually get to do these kinds of posts, so I'm gonna do it..just this once...here's my LOOT!!!!

CKC Loot!

I KNOW!!! RIGHT? Seriously, you guys! I met up with a couple of friends and we had SO. MUCH. FUN!!! I went a bit crazy on the washi tape. By a bit crazy I mean...well, you can see it...

Washi Tape SCORE!

That stack is a mix of Queen & Company and Love My Tapes. I am SO in love with them ALL!!!

paper and stamps

I picked up some Stamps of Life, Unity, and Jillibean Soup stamps. I {heart} stamps. Just say'n. AND... I finally got my hands on the Echo Park This & That collection that I have wanted for awhile now! I also found a few other sheets of paper I needed. Yup. Needed. Just say'n.


The CTMH rep had a buy 2 get one free ink deal, so I HAD to take advantage of that one!!! LOVE these new colors! The scissors you see there are from the Fiskars booth (same one where I got my $6 mat and a border punch for $8). They are ribbon scissors and they work BEAUTIFULLY! I am loving them! And they were only a dollar. *LOVE THAT!*

I only took one class and that was the Queen & Company Trunk Show, where we were given all of this! It was a 'lecture' class, so no project, but they showed lots of samples and talked about fun ways to use product and gave us a ton of stuff! YAY!

Queen & Company Trunk Show

And...here is a photo of Jen, Kerry, and me at the place we stopped for lunch! Fun times! It was a super great day!!!


(Oh..and since I'm sharing deals, anyway...that shirt I'm wearing in this photo I got at Anne Taylor Loft for around $3 or so. And it has become a favorite VERY quickly! LOVE THAT! Just say'n.)

I hope you don't mind me posting all of this! I just REALLY wanted to share! Have you ever gone on a super fun crafty shopping spree? 'Cause, dude...it ROCKS! Just say'n.

Jingle Out.


  1. You go girl, you got lots of goodies and love all the tapes! Love seeing The {Stamps} of Life set, that's one of my favorites!

  2. I'm dropping hints like crazy that that's what I want to do for Mother's Day....no dice yet :)
    Love all the goodies - can't wait to see where everything pops up!

  3. That is AWESOME! I so missed Queen & Co being at the CKC in Tulsa last fall. Looking forward to another big shopping day in August! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your haul!!! WOW-o-WOW!!!! I've never been to CKC, but now I think I MUST GO!!!!

  5. I spy Starburst on your desk...yum!
    Look at all that adorable tape and goodies. Wow! :)

  6. DROOLING!!!! Over those starburst jellybeans! Ha ha, well, I kind of am, but also over all that loot. Looks like such a good time!

    LYNN 53

  8. Sounds like you had buckets of fun...all that loot is just lovely!

  9. oh my can i come over and play with all those goodies!! it all looks AMAZING!!!

  10. Love all your new craft stash, you will have lots of fun playing with it all! Are you sharing your starbust's out?? If so can I have a red one please LOL?

    Have a great WOYWW and a lovely week, hugs, Karen xx #12

  11. Looks like you had a good time buying all your loot - enjoy! Valerie

  12. whoooooot!!!! what fun!!!!

  13. Love your space, love your new goodies, and love your shirt! Ann Taylor Loft is one of my fave places to shop! :)

    Glad you had so much fun at CKC. Can't go to the one around here this year because it is a very busy weekend!

  14. Well I can't say what I love more.. your desk top, your goodies or your hair!!! Girl, I sure wish I had the guts to wear my hair that way...but age has a way of making you conform (not because you want to but because wrinkles and gravity wreck havoc!!)Ha!
    I have to say I am seriously loving all those goodies-I need to go to CKC Houston next month for sure!!!
    Cool you had an awesome scrappy time-I miss those:)

  15. Oh man Jingle! This reminds me of the pleasure I get from Scrap Haul videos on Youtube! I love to see great deals being had by scrappy "friends".

  16. how lucky that you have a CKC near you, it looks a lot of fun! fabulous goodies, enjoy playtime!
    Happy WOYWW Deb xx #141

  17. Oooh wowee, great goodies! Loving the washi tape!

  18. That mat was a HUGE bargain. Here in the states they sell for over $30.00. And of course, I love washi tape, too, although I've yet to find any in our craft stores. Happy WOYWW from #4 this week.

  19. What a fabulous haul of fun stuff!!

    I need to woyww link, yikes . . .


  20. I always THOUGHT you lived somewhere on the east coast. Now I know. How funny that I mistook Manchester for England, not NEW England! And yes, you are STILL one lucky crafter with that mat!

  21. wow super goodies,enjoy
    have a fab crafty week and
    happy woyww
    kay #38

  22. Dude. That's a lot of goodies. Just say'n! Dang! You rocked the deals. And believe it or not, I did suspect that the shiny new cutting mat was what I was supposed to notice was different. All that washi tape. Great papers. STAMPS! STUFF! So much awesomeness. I think I need ribbon scissors. I get so frustrated that my scissors make it fray. Grrr..! Although I have also heard of some magical ribbon snipper thing that cuts AND seals the edges of ribbon. Maybe have to find out more about that. I want to say by the folks who make that Sew Easy? I might be making that last part up. I do that sometimes.

  23. Wow! Wow! Wow! and Wow!
    Have I come to the right blog? Hee Hee! Love that Washi tape girl and what a bargain for that craft mat!
    And Lady.....where is the blue hair? LOL! xx

  24. What a fab lot of goodies - I'm gasping at those gorgeous ribbons and tapes. Your workspace looks great, especially with that big new mat - thanks for sharing - Hazel, WOYWW #10 x

  25. What's your address again? Just so we can come and play with you? Have fun with all the new goodies!

  26. Holy guacamole! That's a lot of new stuff to play with!!! You also found some great deals - from your mat to you top!!! Yep, you are my kind of shopper!!!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #33

  27. OK, had to sit down to take all this in. That is quite a haul! I love stamps too. Enjoy. Guess you have lots of work ahead of you now.

  28. The first thing I noticed about your desk (besides I can see it, lol) is your Starbursts, lol New snack for the spring?
    Great goodies.
    Can you believe I don't have one roll of washi tape, lol.

  29. was going to guess starbursts were new ;)

    WOW girl you scored a ton of goodies :)

    *do i spy your pink hair at last?? ;)

  30. wow! you had too much fun! love all your tapes and other goodies. thanks for kind your visit to my blog too. much appreciated. xo

  31. Wow! You picked up some great stuff!

  32. So many goodies wow you are going to have loads of fun Hugs Elaine

  33. holy cow girl i didn't realize you got so much stuff...i guess i was so caught up in my shopping haze that i didn't see everything u got...now i don't feel so bad about my haul...btw has anyone ever told u that you have amazingly adorable friends...just say'n! ;)

  34. Woo hoo! lucky you getting all that lovely stash. Bargain mat NOT from the Manchester I know here in England!! I wish!!
    Lv JoZarty x

  35. WOW!!! Lots of fabulous crafty stash.. you are going have some serious fun with that lot...Enjoy!! Hugs May x x x#32

  36. So many goodies and so much fun to be had with them. It sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing. Oh loved the tapes too.

    Eliza #19

  37. Lucky you what a load of fabulous crafty stuff! love the jelly beans!)
    Sorry for my late woyww visit, been away, and came back to no email and worse still , no blog! Have a crafty week!!



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