What I Did on My Thanksgiving Vacation....

...okay, so maybe that isn't quite as popular as the summer vacation essay, but still! HA! So, here's the deal, I'm going to give you the run down on the last four days in photos with a bit of explanation here and there...sooooo...*deep breath in*.....here goes....

Thursday: Thanksgiving Day: Had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner prepared by Mom and Dad. It was SOOOO yummy!!!!! Saw the fam and such.

My Adorable Mommy!

Met my cousin's new baby girl, Ava. She's three weeks old and just over seven pounds. Just in case you are confused by that - she is basically TEENSY TINY!!!!!


Grandpa and Ava


Mom and Ava


My sister, Sarah, and Ava. Yes...Ava was a pretty popular little thing.

Hung out with my cousin's son a bit, too. Tyler is pretty much awesome. Just say'n.

The Hubbums and Tyler


Tyler and his Leapster


Nana and Ava (...like I said...popular kid, that one. Just say'n.)

And I took enough pictures to start getting looks before dinner even started. LOVE THAT!

The Hubbums and Sarah. My personal favorite photo of the day. These two crack me up!


We celebrated Tyler's birthday since we were all together. That's my cousin (Ava & Tyler's mom) with him.


Watched this little girl, my cousin, Jade, come alive for the first time ever! She opened up SO much this year and kept us laughing! So cute!


Mom, Dad, and The Hubbums getting things ready.


Desserts in action! THERE WERE SO MANY OF THEM!!!! And they were REALLY good, too!

*ANOTHER DEEP BREATH IN* Annnnnd....we move to Friday. Friday is tree cutting day! We met up with the fam for breakfast at a little local place and then headed to the tree farm to choose a tree for my parents. This is an annual tradition that leads to my sister choosing the largest tree she can possibly find and my Mom talking her down from there. Both examine the trees QUITE thoroughly to check for proper amount and distribution of needles, lack of bare spots, perfect height, straightness of the trunk, etc. to find the PERFECT tree.


Mom and Sarah examining a potential 'perfect tree.'


Sometimes you have to fend off the scary tree monsters....or your Daddy...one or the other....just say'n.


Sometimes I just enjoy the view with my camera! :-)


The Hunt is ON!




Perhaps? Let's take a full group circle analysis of this tree.


Decisions, Decisions!!!!


Could it be? The perfect tree? Oh, me!


Is it the right size? Let's hug it to find out. K? K. Thanks.


This could be it!


Excuse me while I just enjoy that view once again....


The men have been left to guard the perfect tree while we go search the lot for...the perfect tree....waiiiiit a minute.......

Note the obvious disapproval on the Sister's face. She doesn't like little trees.


And....yet another discussion on potential. They walked away from this one, too.


Sarah's thoughts on little trees. HA!


YAY! We found the perfect tree! Hugs and celebration! HA! My family CRACKS ME UP!!!!


One last scan to see if there are any other more prefect trees. Just in case. You know how it is.


Cutting down the tree.


Bringing in the tree.


Tying the tree to the roof.


Watching them drive down the road with said tree tied to said roof. YAY for the perfect tree!

*DEEP BREATH....k....now onto SATURDAY!*


Get tree from basement. Put together tree. (Yes...we have a fake one. I like it.)


Get Hubbums to do lights and ribbon since it comes out like a five year old did it if I do that part. Just say'n.


Decorate the tree with fabulous Ikea and other ornaments. Lots of them.


Add a few other decorations around the house and voila! It's CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

As for Sunday, well...


There was a lot of this enjoyed by all! Relaxing!!!! Miss Maggie loves the Christmas tree! She always has!

So...that was my Thanksgiving weekend...how was yours? Thanks for stopping by!

Jingle Out!


  1. looks like soo much fun! family is the BEST

  2. Jen, I feel like I just won the lottery! I'm SERIOUS! I smiled, giggled, and/or laughed out loud through the entire post! I just want to BOTTLE you AND your adorable family and MARKET you! The HECK with stuff like anti-depressants! I say, "Take one Jen daily for health and happiness! Absolutely NO harmful side effects & guaranteed results." GREAT POST, DARLING FAMILY, and LOVE your tree!

  3. Fabulous post, so lovely to see your family and what a sweet baby, Ava is! Love your tree finding escapades, so funny!
    So glad you had a good Thanksgiving, ours was so quiet in comparison!
    have a great day!x

  4. So many pictures and not one of your Mom's mashed potatoes! Glad you all had a good time! Valerie

  5. What a blessing!!!! You had so much fun! Blessings for the babies and the rituals. Peace, Mary Helen

  6. I just left a lovely comment and then it didn't save because I wasn't signed in! Hate that... anyway Love the glimpse into Jingle life... thanks for sharing it!

  7. Whew! What a weekend! Your mom looks just like you - wonder how that happened :) Beautiful little Ava - just love babies! We had dinner at the in-laws - I baked pies. Took no pictures!!!!! I must admit I did nothing in the way of getting ready for Christmas. I used to start the day after Thanksgiving, but have worked that Friday for years. This year I had it off, but just relaxed. My daughter was working and did not want me to do it without her - ditto for Saturday. Then I had to work on Sunday. Sooo, I played in my craft room a lot! No Black Friday for me - I am making all gifts this year :) Thanks for sharing your fabulous weekend - and by the way... you hubbums is adorable :)

  8. looks like you had a couple of FABulous days:)

  9. Sounds like you had a great time with family. Love your tree!

  10. Super adorable photos. Maggie is so cute too. :)

  11. It looks like you have such a fun family!! I think that is wonderful when families can get along so well :)

  12. Hah - this is WONDERFUL! So so happy...and it seems like your weekend went a lot like ours! (Family and babies and trees, oh my!) :) I love seeing the photos and am so glad you had such a delicious time.

  13. No wonder why you're so cute! It runs in the family! Your whole clan is just adorable!! Sounds like a great time. I'm surprised you didn't post a pic of your mom's mashed potatoes!! TFS!!

  14. Wonderful pictures and a great running commentary all the way through. I had such fun with your post today. Also noticed you and your lovely mother are almost identical. Thank you for sharing. x

  15. Just so you know I like fake trees too!! Looks like you had an awesome holiday!!!!

  16. Looks like a wonderful weekend! OMG those baby hands are so teeensy. WOW. Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. You seem to have such a wonderful family, as funny as mine :p Hunting down trees looks so much fun... In France, we "hunt" them in shops: not fun! Thanks for sharing a part of your life, it's nice learning more about blogging friends :)

  18. Your family looks like so much FUN!!!
    I love fake trees too - much easier to make it Charlie Browny that way :)

  19. This is so funny because it really reminds me of when we used to hunt for the perfect real tree! I was constantly measuring it with my hands!

    We have since graduated to a fake tree, but thats ok.. It is alot easier, even if it isn't as much fun! :)


  20. Glad you had a great time with family! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and over the weekend I met up with a blogger friend! Fun time!

  21. It was SO much fun meeting your family and sharing in your holiday. I felt like I was there through your great photos! :)

  22. What an awesome post! I love all the pictures and getting to see your family!!!

  23. Looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. Your tree is so pretty too. I just love seeing people's decorations.

  24. Looks like y'all had a fun weekend! I think y'all have a cute little tree! :)


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