If you are a Dr. Who fan, you just might like this one. Just say'n.

There is some SUPER CRAY WICKED FUN stuff going on over at Retro Cafe Art Gallery right now! First of all, RCA had teamed up with 100 Proof Press to offer one heck of a contest/giveaway! Ummm, why yes, I DO design for both of those companies and I do happen to do that because I LOVE them BOTH!!!! There are awesome prizes up for grabs including gift certificates for BOTH stores!!!! YAY for fabulousness!!!! You SO need to enter. I want to see what you create and, obviously I can't enter so you have to do it!!!!!!

K. Good. Now that we have that settled. Retro Cafe Art has some BRAND new shrines in stock and they are so cool! They have working doors on them! I created two of them and want to share them with you today! Oh, and in the event that you need to create your own, RCA just so happens to be GIVING SOME AWAY!!!!

Okay, let's start with my Dr. Who inspired door shrine. This piece, while not a specific fright from Dr. Who, was inspired by the brilliance behind each and every creature the Dr. and his Companion come across in their travels.


She is comprised of the Traditional Door Shrine Kit (spray painted red), the Steampunk ATC Collage Sheet, Masonite Wings, and several found items from my studio.




She is simply called, "Do Not Be Afraid." (Although, I wouldn't suggest listening to that advice from her. Just say'n.)

My second shrine piece is on the lighter side. I created a toy shop! I used the Baroque Door Shrine Kit for this one (spray painted a cream color).


I backed the inside with a Toys image from the Vintage Grunge ATC Backgrounds Collage Sheet. It was PERFECT! I also used a bit of gold Dresden on the front of the piece. Inside I filled a Tim Holtz Corked Vial with sprinkles to add a huge dose of fun color! The other items, the pig, the car, the bear, were all found items in my studio. Don't ask. HA!


The Charlotte on the front is actually clear, so, obviously, not an authentic one. I actually created her using Amazing Clear Cast after creating a mold using Amazing Mold Putty! AWESOMENESS!



So, leave a comment and let me know what you think! I had a BLAST with these!!!! You totally need to head on over to the Retro Cafe Art Gallery blog and enter the giveaway to win a free shrine AND enter the contest, too!!!!

I hope you had a super fabulous day entirely uninterrupted by creepy Dr. Who character-types. Just say'n.


  1. Love the new door shrines... thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Crazy love (& seriously coveting) the Tartdis piece & the other immediately had me thinking Charlotte's Web ;) Enjoying your new direction

  3. Love your shines dearie! The wings are amazing!

  4. Amazing! The Dr. Who inspired one is so funky & fun (although a little frightening, lol), but the toy shop stole my heart. Awesomeness :)

  5. I like them Jingle~but I don't know about DR. Who?????? :):)

  6. Very cute! Don't turn you back on the one with the wings!

  7. I do not know Dr Who.....WHO- well, I have heard OF Dr Who but do not know anything more.....??? LOL But, none the less, love both of your shrines- I LOVE the scroll work on the 2nd one- and the color and that amazing cast girl....and the candy inside in the test tube......! Great projects!

  8. totally awesome projects! I would love some of these!

  9. My DS who was peeking over my shoulder as I scrolled down shouted..."its the Tartus!" Dr Who fans here! Awesome project!!!

  10. AMAZING SHRINES!!!!! Oh wow I just love these - especially the Dr Who Tardis!!!!

  11. These are wonderful-I love the clear Frozen Charlotte!

  12. Seriously LOVING the soft wings against the hard metal.


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