She Would Have To Settle For Being A Beauty Queen...

Over at Gingersnap Creations we are celebrating the world of work! And how can we possible do that without OFFICE SUPPLIES!!! Yup. I love 'em. You love 'em. We all pretty much love 'em. (***Even if you don't just pretend you do and go with it K? K. Thanks. Just say'n.)

And what better use for office supplies than CREATING!!!! Yup. That's pretty much what they are for in my mind.

She Would Have To Settle on Being a Beauty Queen...

This sweet little thing simply wasn't cut out to be a typest. So, she decided she would just have to settle on being a beauty queen, instead. *sigh* The sacrifices we women must make in our lives.


Typest (close)

As you can see I pulled out some super fun supplies for this little piece. A lovely library pocket serves as the base combined with typewriter font stamps and stickers, alphabet measuring tape, ledger paper (my fave!!!), and a super cute binder clip of happy-making!!!! Oh...and a bit of string. Because string is just fun and useful and stuff. Just say'n.

So...are you ready to join the challenge? What can you create using office supply themed projects! Check out what the always amazing Gingers created and then link up your project over on the challenge post!

Leave a comment letting me know what you think!!!

***Note: Well, obviously, this statement is more than true! I totally mispelled Typist and will be correcting that later. Or maybe I won't. We shall see. Ooopsies!!!! These things happen. Just say'n.***


  1. OHHHHHH! She DEFINITELY must be a beauty queen! What a darling, fun piece! And I never THOUGHT of using my overstocked office supplies (I AM an editor, after all, so you KNOW I have bunches) to CREATE! Uh-oh! I feel a quick depletion of my editing things ... LOL!

  2. Love it--is it typist or typest--whatever--she rocks! Reminds me of the Anne Taintor cards but in a cuter way!

  3. Funny! And I agree with Charli--very Taintor-esque! :)

  4. how adorable....and I thought you misspelled on purpose!!!! I would totally leave it!!!! Meaning she can't spell...that's why she can't type!!!!!! You are so creative chickie!!! hugs, Katrina

  5. Very cute! I love going up and down the office isles looking for fun things for my layouts. :)


  6. Saw this on Gingers, just darling!

  7. I type all day long. Good thing for spell check, LOL This is very cute.

  8. ooh i love it, too cute!!! and i love the little story too...... and we all spell wrongly sometimes :D

  9. I love it! And, as a former "typist," I think you should leave it like it is. It's sweeter this way. We all made these typo's when we worked at those old typewriters.

  10. She is fabulous:) Leave the misspelling; it looks intentional:)

  11. This is just to cute ^_^ I think you should leave it misspelled...after all she wasn't meant to be a typest..hehe!!!


  12. Definitely leave the spelling as it is as it adds to the humour of this terrific character doll. Annette x

  13. She is stinking ADORABLE AS HELL!!!! And I totally thought you misspelled typist on purpose. Leave it! It's one of the reasons why I thought it was so stinkin' cute!

  14. Leave the spelling mistake, it makes the piece very funny, I'm sure it was your subconscious making the humour for you not anything else :-)


  15. Too cute and such a fun card! Love it!

  16. I have to say I sure love office supplies, but they are more fun to use creating then doing my book work with, teehee.
    Cute card.

  17. This is just adorable :D
    Have a great weekend x
    StAY iNkY
    hUgS mInXy

  18. Too cute and funny, too. You should leave the misspelling in - it lends itself to the piece. Happy weekend! Theresa


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