I'd Like to Thank The Academy.....

Oh...wait. Okay, so actually I am just thanking some amazing OWOH girls who sent me some really fabulous gifts! Really. Fabulous. Just say'n.

Sisters Print from Karen

I received this beautiful Sisters Print from Karen of Artx365. I should probably actually give it TO my sister, but I think I can enjoy it for a little bit first! Just say'n. :-)

Gift from Valeri

Ummm...*gush*. Just say'n. This beautiful Be True To Your Heart print is from the very talented Valerie Hart! I love it!!! And it says nothing about sisters, so I don't have to give it away. HA!

Gift from Cotton Picker

This incredible awesome dark cat came from Cotton Picker. I love it!!! So neat!


And I also received this fabulous fabric and amazing postcard backs! Of course, I will have to update with a link later on because I don't have the card on hand at the moment.

And...today is supposed to be in the mid to high 60's, I have a super cute outfit on, I have Jelly Beans at my disposal, and, it's FRIDAY!!!!! All that combines to create one seriously fabulous day. Just Say'n.

Oh...and for those who need some old school to keep us happy...let's take it back to one of my all time favorites!

P.S. It is slightly possible that I *might* go around chanting this very phrase on a regular basis even though I'm like 32 years old. Slightly possible. *maybe* Just Say'n.

Jingle Out!


  1. great art work! have a great weekend

  2. Mmmm, jelly beans! I think I need a jar or two of those in my crafty space. Have a great weekend, enjoy the awesome weather we're having.

  3. Wow, wow, wow, you lucky girl! What gorgeous things - enjoy!

  4. Hey! Your word verification thingy for me is PHOPINGO! HAHAHAHA! I LOOOOVE THAT! It sounds so cute I think I'll say it instead of 'voila!' from now on! The art work? WOW! Each ONE is unique and wonderful! And even tho' I'm not a regular jellybean (or even a CANDY) kinda girl, I do love Jelly Bellies! YUM, YUM! When I buy them, I get only as many as will fit into my hand so I don't get crazy eating too many! As for the video ... you DO know you'll be solely responsible for everyone who reads your blog today & drives people NUTSO chanting that? LOL! BIG HUGS, you cutie! Have a SUPER happy Friday!

  5. Oh wow! You ARE a lucky girl!! Beautiful treasures!!


  6. Now all of these are the cutest pieces! I say that while you're chanting, you could shake your tail feathers, too :)

  7. Love these! I think the dress form is my favorite. Cool fabric - can't wait to see what you created with it and the postcard backs. Have a great weekend.

  8. Oh, wow! Great artwork = great eye candy :) I'm with Tammy - dress form rocks! TFS & TGIF!!

  9. Owwwww great gifts sweetie!!! Have an awesome Friday!!!


  10. Woohoo, Congratulations! Very sweet gifts. Cute, cute, video too!

  11. Girl you totally crack me up... Just Say'n.. hehe

    I love the little video and all your goodies.. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Those gifts are amazing and the video is cracking me up!!!! yep...I totally remember it!!! Rock that cute outfit girlie, it's FRIDAY!!! hugs, Katrina

  13. I find that you have the same signature with me.

  14. you blogged longer time than i do, yet,

    I have NO clue of your name/blog name when I started my own...

    kind of funny.

  15. fabulous gifts, how lucky are you?

    have a great weekend, Debxx

  16. Lucky you, those are all so beautiful.
    I remember this skit, but don't remember it being an hour, lol.

  17. Congrats on your lovely gifts! Enjoy! Theresa

  18. You lucky girl! those are some pretty awesome gifts!


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