Holiday Craft Idea : Vintage Yarn Tree - Only, new. Just say'n.

Vintage holiday decor can be SO cute, but, sometimes it is hard to find it in good shape, so if you want that look, but can't find any good stuff at your local thrift shop - NO FEARS!  Jingle is here!  Hee-hee!!!!! 

(No, seriously....I totally crack myself up!  HA!  And no...I'm not wearing a cape.  Yet.  Just say'n.)

Yarn Tree
I created this fabulous yarn tree with just a few supplies.  You will need a Styrofoam cone, yarn in your choice of color (mine is red with gold strung through it - I don't know the brand because I got it through Freecycle), your favorite  patterned paper (mine is Samantha Walker for Creative Imaginations), a good glue (I used Helmar Craft glue), and a pretty ribbon (Martha Stewart, com'n at ya!), and a sheet of coordinating felt.

Begin by punching or using a die cut machine to cut lots of circles from your patterned papers.

You then fold the edges of the circles over to create this cute little shape.  Set those aside.

for the very top of the tree cover the top with the glue and wind the yarn beginning in the center and working toward the outside.  You will trim off any excess.

Run a stream of craft glue down one side of the cone.  You do not need to cover the cone, just give yourself a bit of something to tack things to.  Hold the end in place at the top and begin to turn the cone to tightly wind the yarn around the tree.  The key here is to keep it tight so you don't have gaps.  I found it best to move the cone and hold the yarn rather than trying to move the yarn around the cone.


As you work, continue your bead of glue each time you reach the end of it.  Again, just one line down one side is sufficient.

As you reach the bottom of the tree be sure to keep your yarn close and go all the way to the very edge.

Fold the tail under the bottom of the tree.  You can secure with a dab of glue to make your life easier if you would like.

Trace and Cut a piece of felt to cover the bottom of the tree.

Top of Tree
Now it is time to decorate your tree!  Adhere the folded circle accents using a strong adhesive.  I think I used my ATG for this part, but you could certainly continue using the craft glue.

Bow on Yarn Tree
Once you have the paper pieces added how you like them, wrap the ribbon around the tree a bit above the base and adhere a bow to the front.  (Yes...I cheated and wrapped the ribbon and then added the bow.  It just turns out better when I do it that way!  LOL!)

Yarn Tree 2
And your tree is complete!!!  Fun, right?  Right.  Just say'n.


If you decide to make one I would LOVE to see it!  Let me know!!!

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  1. ...I so think you should be creating yourself a cape! This is a wonderful project...love it!

  2. ~oh i think i just may with my littles at hand!!! this is just too sweet...thank you for sharing your how to...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. Jingle Bells Jingle Bells...JINGLE all the way...what an awesome tut for us to spend the day at play!!

    This is an awesome project and great job on the "How to". Now....where did I put that styrofoam tree at..LOL!!


  4. Oh Honey I love free tutorials Thanks big time !!

  5. That tree is so pretty. It would be cute with mini ornament balls attached to it too.

  6. Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for the great tuturial! I LOVE anything vintage so this hits home with me! Maybe when I can actually decorate next year I will dig up this post and get to work.


  8. Very creative you are! Looks great on the shelf!

  9. When I saw your pic yesterday on this project I didn't realize at first that you wrapped yarn around it. Neat idea.

  10. Super cute and thanks for sharing the how too. Your bow is so pretty. Thanks for visiting my blog as well. ;0)

  11. SO SUPER CUTE!!! Love the simplicity of it - FABULOUS!! Hugs, T

  12. Great idea and smashing tutorial, but hells bells not for me all that winding would drive me bonkers.... but I love yours my patient friend...... Annette x

  13. Well..this is too cute and I really think you should wear a WONFER WOMAN cape :)
    My blog is fixed thanks to Valentine Design :)

  14. I am soooo gonna do something like this! I even already have a cone ready to go! I think I'll make mine TEAL!


  15. You are full of some of the BEST-est ideas ever! Super CUTE!

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  19. I have not seen a yarn tree in a very long time and it brings back such a happy childhood memory with my grandmothers. Lovely! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  20. great tutorial - love the vintage look!

  21. Thank you so much for sharing how you created this tree. It truly is gorgeous. Theresa


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