Some Weeks Are Like That.... Even in Australia.

If that title makes no sense to you...go HERE and buy this book. Everyone should own it. Just say'n.

So, this week has had some interesting moments.


It has.

Let's, see. I dropped my key badge into the toilet. Yup. Cute little FABRIC fob and all. Yes. That is in the trash now. Just say'n.

I accidentally wore a rather essential piece of clothing inside out and didn't figure it out until I was at work the other day. By essential...I don't mean my shirt. Just say'n.

I had to pee in a cup and hand it to a very nice lady. I know it's her job, but it's still awkward. Just say'n.

I had my cubicle officially claimed by coworker. I'm not leaving the company, just the department. It's a promotion of sorts, but I struggle just a WEE bit with change so it's a little weird. Just say'n.

I have paper box on my desk ready to be packed with stuff to move over to the other building. It's like they do it on tv. I've never done that before. Just say'n.

I made 4 dozen cupcakes for The Hubbums to take to a lunch potluck at school yesterday. They were a hit. I only got one. I should have tasted them earlier. They needed more chili powder. Just say'n.

Then again, he said they loved them, so I'll just keep that last bit to myself. ....well....myself and all of the interwebs and such. Just say'n.

I have created exactly nothing since Sunday. That sucks. Just say'n.

When The Hubbums woke me up this morning I promptly informed him that it was Saturday. *sigh* It's Friday. Sad Day. Just say'n.

BUT, all that being said, it hasn't actually been what I would call a bad week. Just a strange one. With rather amusing side notes. I did, however, accomplish my goal of teaching myself how to do basic crochet before next week! You see, I have to go into Boston for an event for work next week and I plan to take the train and I have ALWAYS wanted to sit on the train and either knit or crochet, so I was bound and determined to learn how to do it for this trip! HA! It's only like an hour on the train, but I just love the idea of a commute that allows me to craft while in motion! I drive an hour back (and forth - 120 miles round trip) to work everyday, so this is actually a bit of a treat for me! I'm looking forward to it!


This is all I've done, but I have the general motion down now, so I can keep it up. I just need to learn how to read a pattern and count stitches now! Then I will be good to go!


As for now...well, know any snakes that need a cute scarf? Just say'n.

Have a Happy Friday!  And...if you feel the sudden urge to buy me this necklace....I won't be offended.  Just say'n.  ;-)


  1. You are so darn cute! Sorry things haven't been up o snuff for you! Consider the lack of production a hiatus and let it give you the energy to explode with a whole bunch of stuff this weekend... Can't wait for Monday's post I'm sure it will have a ton of great stuff!

    I gave you a blog award today... Click here to check it out. No response needed unless you want. Just know I appreciate your blog and you!

  2. Hi babe! This post made me smile. Days like that, huh?! I owe you an email.... I'll send it today, I'm pretty sure I will! :)

  3. Jingle - I'm so there with you on the "not a bad week" but not a stellar one either. I'm irritated at a lot of things at work but not ticked off. I'm tired because of it, it wears down the spirit. Anyway, just wanted to empathize with your week.

    Crocheting? I love to knit and crochet in my commute (70 miles round trip - a friend and I swap weeks to drive). So when you get the ripple stitch down, let us know. I cannot do that one for the life of me.

  4. Must be the phase of the moon or something bc my week pretty much sucked too -- except for a FB-IM chat with a Boston-area friend! ;-)
    Hope your weekend is a whole lot better than your week!

  5. LOL!! Some weeks are just like that!!

  6. Not all days are blog perfect are they, well you know mine aren't as you read my blog LOL.
    Your crochet looks perfect. Funny thing is I haven't done this in a few years but I had planned on crocketing a few tiny butterflies this weekend.
    That charm reminds me of the Blues Clues characters, too cute.
    Hope your weekend picks up :)

  7. Go you, with your crocheting!!! I haven't crocheted in years, but I still know some of the basics. I'm a much better knitter than a crocheter. (But even knitting, I haven't done in a while!)

    LOVE that necklace!!!

  8. I think we've ALL had these kind of days. LOL I know I certainly have. And I hate waking up thinking it's a different day than what it actually is. LOL Congrats to you on learning crochet. This is WAY better than I could ever do. People say that crochet is way easier than knitting - well, let me tell you - it confuses me to no end. I cannot create a new row at all - so I just keep chaining and chaining and chaining! LOL Anyhow, enjoy your weekend! Theresa

  9. Hey Jingle, You crack me up! Does sound like a strange week. Wish I knew a snake that needed that cute sweater! LOL kudos to you for learning to crochet!
    I do hope you got those unmentionables on right today... Just say'n
    hugs Lynn

  10. Will you teach me to crochet too? Congrats on the promotion!

  11. Your crocheting looks good...wish I knew how to do it!

  12. jingles jingles jingles you are a very very busy girl. How come you dont take the time to come on over to Scraf Freak and get to know that ones that are NICE...liKE me? LOL just kidding. I love your BLOG HEADER did you make that?

  13. What a wonderful post..just say'n.lol.And your crochet looks great!!Warmest Regards,Cat

  14. You are such a hoot! Congrats on your "sort of" promotion. I hear ya on not being crazy about change.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  15. Hi Jingle, you are so funny! I particularly like the reasoning behind learning to crochet, I think you may be my daughters twin, you certainly have a gene or two of mine.......
    big hugs
    En xx

  16. Just a minute there, girlfriend. You created this post. That's creating. No, it isn't an art doll, or a card, but it's pretty darn creative, wouldn't you say?
    I would.:-)

  17. Yes they are!! you just never know what can happen in a day!! And ok I just love love love that necklace, I need to try and make one!! Cool!!


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