My Weekend Plans

Go to the bank.

Stop and get ingredients to make dog food at the grocery store. (Yup. We make it. We know what is in it and it is WAY cheaper than the raw diet dog food we had to have them on before!)

Make my card for Tuesday's super fun SSD post.

At least BEGIN my project for the Mad Tea Party later this month (see left side bar).

Probably make another Hello Kitty card. I've done two now and I have an urge do do like every single one that has her in it on the cartridge! HA!

Sleep in. Oh....wait....I already did that, hence being behind on all of the above. HA!

Encourage all of you to enter the Scrapbooking T-Shirt giveaway if you haven't already! (CHECK! Good...one down...)

And....generally have a super fantastic day!

So....what are YOUR plans for this fine sunny day? Actually, it's not all that sunny. More warm and muggy, but at least it isn't cold. I'm good as long as it isn't freaking cold. I hate cold. Just say'n.

Happy WEEKEND!!!!


  1. I totally make my dogs food too!

  2. good luck getting your weekend plans all done! I'm getting ready for a weekend of yard work, blech! lol.

  3. Help Kelly in the bathroom, sit with her and watch movies, get her tummy-friendly food, repeat. That's my weekend forecast. Good luck with yours!

  4. Happy weekend!

    I spent some time shopping at the local big box craft stores...so I can PLAY later. ;)

  5. I need to start planning my Mad Tea Party post, too. Lots of things to set up and create. Yikes!!! :) Hope you are enjoying the weekend! Theresa

  6. Oh I make dog food too, oh wait we don't have a dog, its called supper LOL.
    Ok I wanted to create all weekend but I ended up cleaning my craft/scraproom most of the day. And it was raining here all day.

  7. You are incredible...my dog is so sad not to have you as her mother :O)! I love your joyful way in creating an energetic artist's life...I always leave smiling. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  8. sounds like an eventful weekend :)
    was it fantastic?!

  9. It is so cool to see that so many people make there own dog food. If you ever need motivation to switch, pick up a book or do some research on commercial dog food. What you read will help you make the decision.

    My family and I spent most of the weekend outside. Now I am excited to spend the weekend crafting :)


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