Obsessive Compulsive Much?

For reals.

This post proves that I am obsessed with daily blogging AND with clippies.

Not. Even. Joking.

You see, here's the thing. I had planned on doing something creative last night because I've not really done much in the last few days, but dh found this movie that he wanted me to see because it was surprisingly mature and really a good overall movie...SO....I watched that with him instead of creating.

Okay...so that's cool. BUT...I didn't have anything for the blog!


That just cannot be. Well, I could write up a long and fun diatribe about something that annoys me, but to be honest, this whole 30 Day Shred thing has me feeling rather good this week, so I just wasn't in the mood to gripe! HA! (Either that or I couldn't think of a good topic...one or the other. You pick. Just say'n.)

SOOOOO.....that left me, once again with nothing artsy to show off and nothing to rant about.

THUS....the 6am ribbon flower clippie.

AHA! You see, I had another dilemma on my hands. I was really wishing I had a purple hair accent to go with my outfit today, but I didn't have one, so that made me sad. Hmmmmm....let's fix that!

I have seen tutorials for these all over the place and so I was feeling a bit left out, so I decided to make one this morning so I would have something cute for my hair!

RibbonFlower Clippie step 1

Begin with a circle of felt, a ribbon of your choice, and a glue gun. You will also need a clippie later on.

Ribbon Flower Clippie Step 2

Tie a knot in the ribbon and glue that to the center of the felt. It's okay if you have a bit of a tail.

Ribbon Flower Clippie Step 3

Now just twist the ribbon and glue in spots as you go around the felt circle until you have the size you want!

Ribbon Flower Clippie step 4

Finish it off by tucking the loose ends under the twisted ribbon and gluing in place. Then trim off any extra felt that may be visible. (Be careful of how close you get to the edge with the glue...I got a little too close, so if someone looks REALLY closely they will see it on my clippie. Sad day.)

Ribbon Flower Clippie

Finish it off with a cute button, gem stone, or whatever other adorableness you happen to have laying around! If I wasn't in a hurry I would have at least added embroidery floss to this button, but I was in a hurry, so I didn't. HA!  Finally, don't forget to glue a clippie to the back.  Otherwise it is just ribbon flower and not a ribbon flower clippie and if you just want a ribbon flower, that's cool, but I wanted to tell you how to make a clippie in the event that you have a fashion emergency such as my own, so I have to include the part where you glue on the clippie and so I added that part here at the end, but you don't have to if you don't want to, I'm just say'n is all.  *breath.*  HA!

I created my flower clippie with grosgrain ribbon, giving it a more casual and perhaps more youthful look. If you click on the link to the tutorial above they used Satin ribbon and it looks amazing! I will be making some of those, too!!!

So...when all else fails...make something at 6am so you can post it on your blog before you leave for work! HA!

Now...for more fun stuff to make head on over and check out Everything Etsy's I Made It Blog Party!!!

I Made It Blog Party

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  1. Heehee....guess I shouldn't have made that comment about OCD on my blog today.

    Love your craftiness. That's just the cutest little hair thang.

  2. very nicely done.. thanks for sharing....

  3. If someone compliments your clip today, you HAVE to tell them, "Thanks, I made it this morning." How fun!!!! Oh to see the look on their face! You are just the cutest, great flower!! I have to try that now, you know... enabler!

  4. This is pretty. I bet it looks great on you. But 6:00am I was still sleeping, and you were creating.

  5. Your new hair clip is totally cute! I LOVE that you had such a surge of creative energy THAT early in the morning!!! I cannot seem to function without coffee first thing in the morning. I hope you get a TON of compliments. :) Theresa

  6. Jingle - cute, cute, cute. This would make a great scrappy page embellishment too! Thanks!

  7. Oh you asked a question about my binding. The pages are attached to one another. So the binding is just holding the back and front covers.
    Does this make sense.

  8. How cute is that!!
    I could see smaller ones on a scrapbook page too!!

  9. imma makey! i have so many GIANT, awesome ribbons, and my hair is such that it simply BEGS for pretties!

  10. That's really neat! I mis read the end there and thought you meant you glued it too your head because you forgot the clippie...but I see I was wrong...this time??
    And by the way if you email me your snail mail address I can post you your Jelly Baby Laureate Medal! Yup, you are officially the Jelly Baby Queen of Poets!!!!

  11. What a great little clip. Love it love it.

  12. Super cute, and looks pretty easy. Now, if only I had hair! Bwhahahahaha!

  13. That's so funny... I saw this just today too and I am dying to get off work and go home and make one for myself!

    Great minds Jing!

  14. Girl...I just love your post...ROFL..always keeping me laughing and entertained!!! I love this idea...so cute and such an easy peasy fix for accessorizing FAST!!


  15. OMGosh I cannot believe you made that at 6 am. Im not say'n im not up at that time (Im at work) but just I wouldn't have thought of something like that so early...lol...cute too.

  16. Thanks for sharing. THis is so great. I want to try this soon!

  17. That is so clever......I must give it a try!

  18. You're so funny! And I love your last minute creation! I've seen these, but I didn't know how to make them...thanks! :)


  19. I've left you a bloggy award.


  20. very cute and stylish. It looks pretty easy to do, too. Thanks!

  21. You are amazing. This is great.

  22. Man, those are cute. So today I destashed something fierce. If my stuffed stayed Id need to sleep in my car. It stung though


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