Five Fabulous Friday F.... Things. Ummm....

Yeah, okay, so I couldn't think of a word to finish out the alliteration action.  Oh, well.  Such is.

But....I do have Five fun and fabulous things to share with you this fine Friday, so here we go!

1.  I hate Jillian Michaels.  Except for the part that I love her.  But I hate her.  And love her.  For serious, folks.  Yes...I did the One Day Shred.  Shhhhush!  I am FULLY aware of what the video is ACTUALLY called, however, if you have ever actually DONE it, then you know...it is mis-named.  HOWEVER...it does seem to be working, and I do sort of feel really kinda crazy good, so I love that girl!  And I hate her.  And we will continue with this love hate relationship for the next 30 (ish) days.  Just say'n.

2.  I LOVE The Hubbums!  Yesterday I came home from work and wandered into my studio to find the latest issue of Art Doll Quarterly sitting happily on my desk!!!!  YAY!  So excited!  Lots of fun and fabulous inspiration in there and just plain fun!  He is great.  Just great.

3.  This is Pen.  He is a dead penguin.  I love him.  He is a limited edition Skelanimal and SUPER STINKING CUTE!  He arrived a couple of days ago and we have bonded nicely.

Pen - Limited Edition Skelaminal

4.  I am expecting some SERIOUSLY happy mail today!!!  If my calculations are correct, I should find THREE new Cricut Carts in my mailbox today!!!  So excited about that!!!  Thanks Mom and Dad for the great birthday present!!!!

5.  CUTE CARDNESS!!!!  I had an AMAZING urge to create something cute over the last couple of days and last night I finally got the chance!!!  I don't know what it is, but sometimes you just gotta go CUTE!!!  So, I jumped in on the great sketch challenge over at CPS and created this super fun card!!!  I had this fun idea to stack these cute stamps and when I saw the sketch I knew it would be a PERFECT fit!  So fun!!!

You are Great Card

The patterned papers are from Glitz (dots and pink) and Cosmo Cricket (yellow), the A-FREAKING-DORABLE stamps are from Gel-A-Tins.  I colored the pig and monkey with Prismacolor pencils and then blended the color with OMS.  The mouse is colored with CTMH watercolor pencils.  The Doodlebug Design stickers spell out the perfect sentiment for the perfect card recipient!  The Hubbums!  Because he is pretty much great and stuff.  You know...like I told you earlier in this post.  And other posts.  And....alright, I'll shut up about it already!  HA!

You are great dimension

Here is a close up shot of the dimension.  I love making my cards pop up and up and UP!!!

You are Great close

You are Great Critters

And here you get to see those SO STINKINGLY AMAZINGLY ADORABLY CUTE critters up close and personal!!!  I love them.  They make me smile.  Just say'n.

Soooooooo.....there's your five fun and fabulous things for this fine Friday!!!!  Leave a comment...those are fun and fabulous too, and they keep me from wandering around asking myself why nobody loves me. 

Just say'n.

Jingle Out. 

HA!!!!!  So funny.  I'm telling you.....I can't say that without cracking up.  Just.  Can't.  Do it. 

See ya!!!!


  1. Thanks for starting my day with a smile, Jingle! Love the card and love your pics of the dinensional aspect!

  2. Very cute "dead" penguin. Love the card, cute... cute!! And yeah on the happy mail, how cool!!! Have a great weekend, sweets!

  3. Your blog is so adorable cause it just makes me smile even though I am ridiculously jealous everytime mention the cricut - but I get over it when I see the cards you do ...lol

    usually :)


  4. I have a love/hate relationship with Jillian as well. My oldest daughter and are doing The Burn...I mean the Shred also. 3rd day I couldn't do stairs LOL.
    Very cute card.
    So happy to see you back at my blog :) :)

  5. Ooo, I hope you get your carts today so you can play all weekend!!! Cute card... and love the dead Pen.

  6. Okay Jingle, you made me smile on this fantabulous Friday! Five things #1 It's Friday, nuff said #2 Wonderful Aunt's Surprise 75th birthday dinner tomorrow (right after Friday) #3 I'm visiting my fav hairdresser friend to get a cut and high/lowlights done - a fab Friday pick me up #4 Trial FINALLY BEGINS ON MONDAY!!!! - I'm a legal assistant and a multi-million dollar case is up for trial finally on Monday #5 I too have a wonderful hubbum. There's my 5 Jingle! Keep up the good work of making us SMILE!

  7. woot!
    yay for awesome hubbin who gets you nice stuff 'cuz he KNOWS whatchoo like!
    yay for the 'rents who ALSO know whatchoo like, and who send happy mail! (hope it arrives today - squee!)
    yay for cute dead stuff! 'nuff said on that.
    and OOOHHHHH for cute card with stackable nannamals! you creative dood!

    but the shred thing has me very curious. i'm on a mission to SHED. enlighten meh, woodja?

  8. Crackin' up at "jingle out". :)

    Your penguin is cute, but your card is FANTASTIC!!! Love the pop-up you gave the animals. :) Really, really cute!

  9. AHA! i see!
    well it does sound intriguing, but EVERY DAY? sheesh, don't they even give you a repose in between to recover? i could probably do two in a row, but that third day i'd need to chill... my body would SURELY punish me!

    so you made it through day one then?! woot! it's a start! keep going, and i'm going to look into it! (clearly this shizznit WORKS - just LOOK at this mama!)

  10. Cute post! I can relate to the love/hate relationship with Julian too. Cute penguin, and way cute card!

  11. Wow, you are super stinkin' talented.

    The shred was a 2 day shred for me. Seriously. Gah!

    You stopped by my OWOH giveaway and I just wanted to say thanks. Sorry it took so long for me to get back with you - I had over 200 entries! Whew! Glad it's over with. :) I am now following your blog, and if mine interests you I'd love it if you'd follow me as well! I just wrote an introduction post today, for new friends and old. Hope to see you there!



  12. Cute card. And that peguin is to die for! I'm glad I discovered your blog through OWOH cuz the way you write, you make me laugh every time!
    Have a great weekend.

  13. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words! love your upbeat blog!

  14. awww love your PEN!!! Made me smile as well!!!
    What a great hubby! And he will love the card...love all the dimension and colors!
    3 new cartridges...ohhh you did have a nice birthday!! Excited to see what you create with them!
    Have a nice weekend!

  15. I love your cute dead penguin! LOL He is really adorable. And that card you made is so pretty! I love that little mouse. :)
    Hope you have a great weekend! Theresa

  16. your cards are A M A Z I N G!!

    thanks for entering my giveaway!



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