This One's For the Boys!

I *really, strongly* dislike labeling things as masculine and feminine. I believe that all colors are appropriate for all genders and that boys can love pink and girls can love blue and it's all just good all around. Actually, I think we should encourage children to play with all kinds of color! I love art, dude...it just makes sense! My husband has several pink and purple pieces of clothing, and, quite frankly, he looks damn good in them. That being said, for once, I am willing to label this one as a 'boy' card. HA! Of course, the fact that it actually SAYS 'Birthday Boy' on it may be playing into that heavily! HAHAHA!

Happy Birthday Birthday Boy (2)

For this card, I began with Core'dinations cardstock and then added strips of Studio Calico self-adhesive fabric. I love how the Precious Remembrance stamps stamped SO beautifully directly ON the fabric! I used the Birthday Stamp Set, the balloon and the two sentiments.

Happy Birthday Birthday Boy (detail)

I stamped the balloons on fun papers and fussy cut them and then mounted them with foam tape and added May Arts Baker's Twine to create the strings! {heart!}

Don't forget to check out Precious Remembrance Shop! They have SUCH cute stamps!

Jingle Out!


  1. very cute!!

    i use pink and purple all the time on my layouts for t he boys

  2. Adorable and perfect for a boy with the textures you used. I haven't been in my craft space for three weeks due to travel so I'm getting inspired to create as a result of your gorgeous cards this morning!

  3. awesome card and I totally agree with you...

  4. cute cute card!!!! LOVE it!!!!
    and I totally agree on the gender thing.. I just had a baby girl and found the cutest teal/lime green damsk print blankie for her and LOVE it... and she looks sooo girlie. I can dress her in pink and a flower hairclip and people see blue on a blanket and say oh you had a boy???? ACK!!! come on people, girls can have blue and boys can have pink!!!

  5. Well, yeah, the 'birthday boy' part does kind of label it for you ;) I totally agree on colours - my youngest son wanted pink sandals at age 9, and he got them. As it should be!

  6. Really cute card. Is that fabric? It looks like it.


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