Nancy the Disgruntled Witch created with Paperclay!

Good morning, folks! I have a fun doll to share with you, but she isn't just *any* fun doll, no, this my friends is Nancy. Nancy is a witch. More on that later, however, what you should know now is that Nancy is my entry in the Paperclay Design Team Call. Let's hope she behaves, although, I have to be honest, from what I've seen thus far, it may be a long day with little Miss Nancy...I mean, REALLY, she can be SUCH a witch! (Pun TOTALLY intended, btw. Just say'n.)

First of all, in case some of you are unfamiliar with Paperclay, it is basically awesomeness that comes in a little black pouch. It's an air dry clay that can be dyed before drying, painted afterward, sculpted, stuck together, and basically played with and manipulated into nothing less than fabulous stuff! It also happens to be what I use to create most of my dolls! So..now we meet Nancy!

<Nancy (1)

*Loud Clearing of throat* *Sound of Jingle being pushed away from keyboard* *Grunting as Nancy makes her way up the stool and to the keyboard*

EXCUUUUUUSE MEEEEE! NANCY? REALLY? NANCY???? What kind of witch name is that, anyway??? I, mean REALLY, people??? Did my parents NOT notice that *tinge* of green in my skin when I was born? Was that not a *subtle* hint that *perhaps* they should give me a good and proper witch name. Well, apparently NOT, because my name is freaking NANCY! Ridiculous. I see no way I will ever gain proper witch respect with a name like Nancy. I mean, what were they THINKING? It was probably a feeble attempt to push me toward their more 'traditional' lifestyle. Figures. Well, I'll have NONE of that. But I guess I'm stuck with Nancy.

*Sound of Jingle mumbling expletives after hoisting herself up from ground where Nancy had pushed her.*  *Sound of Jingle reclaiming keyboard after letting Nancy know how things work around here.  DON'T TOUCH THE MAC!*


*clears throat*  K.  So, where were we, oh, yes.  Nancy.  My newest friend.  To create her I sculpted her head from Creative Paperclay and added the features as I went.  The eyes are painted and then filled with liquid glass to give them a more realistic look.


Her hat is actually constructed of a funnel that I spray painted a shiny black and then rimmed with May Arts pleated ribbon. A pretty little orange silk May Arts bow adorns the back.


Her body is a little stitched leather torso sitting in a black cauldron as the base. I KNOW, RIGHT???!!! I kind of love that part. To create her clothing I simply used glue (Beacons 3 in 1) to layer various May Arts ribbon, beginning with the lime green as a base, creating the skirt with strips of black, and then adding lace for the bodice. This is all done with glue, no sewing required for the clothing! YAY!


While her face is painted, I chose to use a different Creative Paperclay technique with the arms. I actually added wet paint to the wet clay and mixed it in to create green clay. I LOVE doing this! Then I put holes in each arm to attach them, let them dry, and they were ready to be added to the doll!

Nancy, while a bit moody, as you already are aware, was a blast to create and so easy because Creative Paperclay is THAT easy to work with! I love the stuff! I really do!


And so does Nancy...even if you won't EVER hear her say so.

Just say'n.

Jingle Out!


  1. She is adorable Jingle! I wish you the best of luck. Although I doubt you will need it.

  2. What a great witch! Love her! Valerie

  3. OMGOSH...I love her. Not sure about the name though (my mom's name was Nancy...LOL) I see that there is a whimsical writer in you as well. You always amaze and inspire me J!!!


  4. Nancy is awesome! Paper clay is just too fun and I love using it too! I've never added paint to the clay before and will have to try that.

  5. She is awesome! Thank you for the complete tutorial... I think I see some paperclay in my future!!

  6. She is so cute! Love the little story you created. Very fun!

  7. OMG... this was so funny...
    thanks for your submission to the paperclay DT....

  8. She is awesome! Did she help you clear up your desk? Look forward to seeing what she gets up to for Hallowe'en,

    Lucy x

  9. Jennifer...you crack me up! I love Nancy too...dang cute witch! Congrats on the guest DT too!

  10. That is one brilliant Witch even if she doesn't like her name. And a little kinky I must say with a leather torso! Lucky girl! Haa Haa!!

  11. She's adorable, Jennifer! I love all that gorgeous ribbon.

  12. Loving your Nancy, good luck with the DT. x

  13. Ha ha! I LOVE her, and I especially LOVE her hat!!! You rock!

  14. You're dolls are so wonderfully special & unique! I cracked up when I read that you named her Nancy! You are so cute! And THEN, you just HAD to put all that hilarious dialogue in there. I have a fierce cough & that got me started. But it was worth it 'cause I had a good laugh! Rock on, Nancy!

  15. Nancy, I love you! And I love the patter your creator comes up with, too!


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