Joy Wall Decor - Tips and Tricks Thursday - Full Tutorial

Well, I thought this was going up today and I mentioned it in my last post, but since it hasn't yet, I figured I'd go ahead and post the full tutorial here so you guys don't miss out! So...here it is!!!!

Well, let's be honest, it doesn't have to be HOLIDAY decor, as you could totally do this any time of year, but since it's the season, let's go with it, K? K. Thanks for having my back on this one.

Today we are going to create a fabulous hanging decor piece!

Warning: This tutorial contains a particular set of words WAY too often. Just say'n.*

You will need: Chipboard letters spelling out the word of your choice, Your favorite Skipping Stones Design background stamps, acrylic paint, embossing powder and heat gun, VersaMark (or other embossing ink), glimmer spray, glitter glue, glitter, wire, ribbon.


Begin by painting your letters white - I just used Gesso to get a good coat on there, but you can use white paint, too.

Wait for that to dry.*


Next, stamp your background images onto your letters. I used Timeless Textures with VersaMark ink for this step.


Cover the inked images with embossing powder. I suggest doing this letter by letter to avoid having your ink dry on you!


Heat emboss each letter completely.


Once all of the letters are embossed place them in a cardboard box and spray them liberally with shimmer spray.

Wait a minute or two for that to begin to dry. *


Use a tissue or paper towel to wipe off the excess spray. Your embossing powder will have created a really pretty resist effect!

Wait for that to dry.*


Carefully edge each letter with a good glitter glue.


Edge each letter with glitter to add sparkle!!!!

Wait for that to dry.*



Create small decorative loops with wire and attach them to the back of each letter with the adhesive of your choice.

Wait for that to dry.*


Add ribbon to accent them and then display somewhere for all to admire! These would be great ornaments, package toppers, or wall decor!!!

As for all that dry time - I suggest making dinner, having another project going, or becoming very good friends with your heat gun. Just say'n.

Jingle Out! :-)


  1. Really cute! Thinking of doing my daughter's name in a similar way for her room.

  2. Lovely idea, I have a set of boring, white chipboard letters....

  3. Very cute :) ps i wish you would include your whole post in your feed, when i'm scrolling through google reader i don't always have time to click through.

  4. What a great idea, might have to try this!

  5. ohhh you KNOW i am lovin this....awesome!!!

  6. What an awesome tutorial woman! I love this project!!!!!

    Wait... for... it... to... dry! hahahaha

    Holiday HUGS!

  7. Very pretty! How awesome that would look hung on a fireplace mantel.

  8. How gorgeous!! Thanks so much for going through a step by step tutorial for us!

  9. What an adorable porject and great tutorial Jingle!

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  11. Oh, that is SO awesome! It came out great. Thanks for sharing how you did it. Theresa


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