My Thoughts for Monday

There has been so much going on around here and I don't want anyone to miss any of the great opportunities, so be sure to check out the following!

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So take a minute and check those out!!

I also wanted to take second or three, or generally however long it takes for you to read this .... to welcome my new and amazing public followers!!!!  I had a goal to reach 400 by my birthday and you guys TOTALLY ROCK and got me there like TWO WEEKS early!!!!  I'm so excited!  I am hoping to do an official "Love Your Followers" day sometime this month...it just might be later.  When I do those I make a point to visit the blog of EACH and EVERY public follower and comment just 'cause I like ya and stuff!!!  It's way fun and I always encourage everyone to do the same with those who follow your blog just 'cause it makes people smile and stuff.  Just say'n.

In other news.....LOVING Project Runway this season!  So happy to see less drama and more professionalism!  It really makes a HUGE difference in the tone of the show!  I am always inspired by watching others create, so I just love this show!!!  Are you a fan? 

I got new tires this weekend and I had no idea just HOW MUCH stopping power I had lost due to the old ones!  Yikes!  It was a little scary when I saw how WELL these allowed me to stop because it was sort of one of those...hmmm....so if I'm noticing this much of a difference then just HOW bad WERE those old tires????  Oooopsies. 

Also, The Hubbums is asking for ideas for  birthday gifts.  He says he feels like getting me scrapbook stuff or art stuff is cheating, so that stuff doesn't count.  Problem is...I don't much need/want anything else.  HA!  Well, unless he wants to drop a pretty penny on a DSLR...I WON'T be complaining about that, but I don't think that is really in the budget, so, that being the case...do any of YOU have any great ideas?  Of course, there is the iPad, but I REALLY think I want to wait for the next generation before getting one of those.  I need to be convinced that it isn't a total dud, kwim?  I'm open to any ideas you might have!  Throw 'em at me!  (Oh...and we just bought me some new clothes, so I don't really much need those right now, either.) 

On the creative side of life I picked up some clippies and elastic headbands last night and I hope to make some SUPER cute hair pretties this week.  Mostly 'cause I need some desperately!  HA!  No, seriously.  For reals, you guys, you don't even know.  This whole growing my hair out thing has given me SUCH an amazing appreciation for headbands, but, being me, I prefer them to be all cute and flowery and feathery and such, so I need to work on these plain boring ones.  Just say'n.

SOOoooooo.....   what have YOU been up to?  Do anything super fun this weekend?  Planning any way CUTE projects?  Just having a happy day? 

OH!  I forgot to tell you about my doll head.  I made it out of clay.  I'll have to photograph it, but it's not great since I've not really sculpted much, but it was wicked crazy fun!  I hope to incorporate it into a full art doll.  I think clay and I may end up getting along fairly well in the future.  Just say'n.

Jingle Out!

HA!!!!  Seriously.  Do you think that is just hilarious?  Probably not.  But I still TOTALLY do.  If you knew me personally, you would be laughing.  Hard.  For reals. I look like SUCH a dork when I say that!  It's too funny, really, it is.  Maybe I'll add it to my next video just so you can see!  HA!!!!!!


  1. I adore Project Runway. I spent 7 years developing and working on a Student Design Competition for the Alpaca Assoc. Soooooooo much fun, especially with the students. I was really impressed with the potato sack challenge. This is going to be a great season.

  2. I'm a huge Project Runway fan and I like the personalities of this group much better than the last season! I'm totally enjoying it, too!

  3. I have a confession...when I first visited your blog and saw your sweet little face up there, I thought that wall hanging in the background was a little ponytail coming out of the top of your head...
    Just confessin'....
    And yes, I have since started wearing glasses since then.

    LOVIN' the OWOH event, I'm #893, rockin' a pair of my earrings.

    That Ping was crackin me up on Runway.
    And I love that little bow tie the one guy wears. I must say.

  4. Congratulations on your followers!! What a HUGE accomplishment:-)

  5. As for BDay gifts maybe some books (if you enjoy reading). Dinner out is always nice.

    Congrats on all your followers, Wow 401. I have 8 and I thought that I was rock'n. LOL

  6. You are so cute... did you even take a breath between all that talking! I think you talk like me... a mile a minute!

    Congrats on all the stalkers.. err umm I mean followers!


  7. I worked the weekend then had dinner at my sons if ya want an easy enchilada recipe pop over to my 365 project blog so yummy...she does them in layers.
    I am so happy to read you like playing with the polymer clay...I love it!

  8. Do you type your whole post in one breath????I'm GASPING!
    How about some handmade jewellry- there's heaps on Etsy, one off stuff, and vintage, and I've a gift list a mile long...not promoting myself btw, I don't make jewellry. Some is very reasonable, and really funky which I'm guessing you'd like??

  9. Little miss popular, you are! LOL! Well, I suggest a nice big new purse. Oh wait, that's what I want.... how about new boots? Oh yeah... that's me too... Well, whatever he gets ya, I'm sure it will be special.

  10. I know what you mean about the tires!! Scary stuff.

    And the hubbums should definitely get you a nice DSLR for the birthday. I mean, why not right? ;-)
    Tell him that he can find decent ones that WONT cost too pretty of a penny - just a mildly attractive one

  11. You are so fun!
    Congrats on the followers.

  12. Wow! 400 followers! You go, girl. I'm up to 16. LOL.


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