The Happy Feet Factor

Red Slippers

It's a funny thing, really. 

There is just something about making your feet comfortable that can calm, sooth, relax, and generally make the rest of your body feel better.

No matter what.

It's the Happy Feet Factor.

No.  For reals.  Think about it...if your feet are happy...the rest of you go with them! 

Well, at least that's the way it works for me. 

There is nothing quite so lovely as making my feet warm and toasty in a great pair of socks or slippers. 


When the slippers happen to be SUPER UBER CUTE red ruffle covered slippers, well....

...let's be honest here, folks.

That's just happy making all around. 

So...we have avoided the storms that are currently dumping snow on the mid-East coast, however, it seems as though we will be joining them in the middle of this week.

Me....I'm just going to count on my red ruffling SUPER UBER CUTE slippers to keep my toesies warm and happy.

It will be okay.

I'll have Happy Feet.

Just say'n.

Happy Feet

I hope your feet are very happy today!!!!


  1. I couldn't agree with you more.
    I wear slippers all the time. My totsies are always cold.

  2. I am a barefoot kind of girlie! I rarely wear slippers or sock in my home. Those are very cute though!

  3. I have more pairs of slippers than I'd like to admit. It may be a shoe-fetish spill over kinda thing. Maybe... ;)

  4. awwww these are sooo adorable...today my feet are sooo killing me, I can;t even hardly walk today...from up & down that ladder from work all weekend! I was told to get recieving cleared out completly....the only way for it to be done was add shelves and add it as over stock...2 rows of shelves is the way I had done it....I sooo wish I had happy feet right now!!!

  5. Those are super cute!!! I agree, happy feet can have a great effect on a person's mood!

  6. Too, too cute. I love red. And ruffles!

  7. My toesies are always cold so I try wear warm and comfy slippers and I can see you do too.

  8. Your feet DO look happy! I am with you, I wear slippers every day at home. I wear them even in the summer but that is because I had foot surgery and I have to have some extra squishy cushioning :)

  9. Those slippers are adorable! I want a pair!

    I saw that you entered the giveaway on Paper N Stitch! We’re also giving away some prints by Shannon Rankin on the Westervin blog, and I thought you might like to enter! Just leave a comment on this post: http://www.westervin.com/blog/2010/02/08/giveaway-love-heal-seek-see/

    I hope it goes to a good home :)



  10. Ca-uuute! (And I agree...my feet HAVE to be warm if the rest of me is going to be warm!)

  11. I love those slippers! I need to get me a pair!

  12. I agree totally..and those are uber cute.

  13. You're gonna have to share where these came from--super cute!

  14. Yeah, I want to know where you got those. They are too cute!


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