Creepy? Cute? Combo?

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First of all, please be kind! I know he isn't perfect, actually, he has several flaws, but I'm new to this whole clay thing and I really just made him for the purpose of playing with clay! LOL!

Okay...now on to the question at hand:


Is he creepy?

Does he look like a devil to you?

Is he cute?

Does he look happy to you?

Or is that grin more maniacal?

The Hubbums swears he is down right devilish.

I thought he was a bit whimsical.


...the thing about that little discussion is that I tend to gravitate toward 'creepy' art and therefore, I'm inspired by it and sometimes, well, create seriously creepy stuff.


Don't get me wrong, now. You KNOW I love all things cute! The problem is...I tend to think creepy = cute. Some disagree.

I don't know what's wrong with them.

HA! KIDDING! (sort of. Just say'n.)

But...I have more of a dilemma with this little guy than just the level of creepage. (Of course it's a word. Don't question me. I bite.)

HA!!!! No I don't.

Moving on....

My other dilemma is what kind of doll to incorporate this lovely little cured clay head into. (Yes, I realize I just horrifyingly dangled a preposition, but I can't really figure out how to reword that sentence at the moment, so it shall dangle with glee! Add some glitter and it will be fine.)

Should I create something from fabric and stuffing?
Should I create a box style body with found elements?
Should I sculpt clay arms and legs and attach to a paper torso of some kind?

I'm just not sure where to go with this one. So...I'm asking you, my dear readers, to toss suggestions at me. What do YOU think he is? What is his story?

In the meantime...feel free to leave your opinions on the creepy/cute discussion.

(Okay...so maybe he looks creepy in THIS photo, but it's all about lighting, folks! ALL about the lighting. Just say'n.)


  1. He looks dodgy to me...like he's planning something. I think the body (size, ratio, shape, materials, colours)will decide whether he'd trying to be bad, or good. Have you ever done an empty cloth body supported by sticks or strings? Sort of like a glorified hand puppet...he could be kinda swoopy...does he fly...can he get me....AAAARGH....

  2. haha...I like his smile...wait, assuming he is male, it looks male :) make a stuffed body for a pin cushion...looks like he would enjoy that.


  3. His body made with found items of different texture would be awesome.

  4. "My other dilemma is this: into what kind of doll will I incorporate this lovely little cured clay head?"

    thank you, come again.
    i like the idea of a pin cushiony type of body, personally. i see a big, plump, round body, filled with beans and decorated with metal pop tabs or what have you. and long, strange, dangly arms.

    i think he's just that GOOD kind of creepy, like a Brian Froud character; something you might see in Labyrinth. :D

  5. Looks like a character that should have been in the movie Where the Wild Things Are. You missed your calling Jingle!

  6. Put him on a big roley poley body! And I think his hair looks like someone's hand petting his head :)

  7. I'd vote creepy, but if it makes you happy, then that's all that matters! :)

  8. I think he is cute.
    He looks like a character that is misjudged. You know everyone thinks that he is a bad guy, but just look into his eyes and you can see that he is kind hearted.

  9. do you have any of those clear glass ornaments that you could fill with something...I like him but you know me... "I aint right"!
    have fun I know you....you will find something just perfect!!!

  10. ok now...remember that I am a very "quirkiest" artist person myself...LOL (my muse has a tendency to hollar so loud in my ear when I'm sculpting that my original design seems to go poof)I think this wee one is cute and creepy. Looks like a cat that just swallowed the canary.
    A soft body with wire legs would be awesome for this piece and maybe one hand holding nothing but feathers. Just listen to your muse or I can send you mine for a dew days...LOL!!!


  11. I vote voodoo doll! HA HA. He is cute...in a creepy kinda way.

  12. i think he is adorable. in a scifi way. not at all creepy. he's like a dragon dwarf or something. haha.

  13. It is so creepy that it is cute:-)

  14. See...he looks a bit Cat in the Hat to me (which is a compliment). I think long and lanky would be a good body for him. :) So cute!

  15. My daughter thinks it looks like a "Wild Thing" I see him furry and fat. He doesn't look creepy to me at all. Sorry!

  16. I think he looks cuter than he does creepy. He's sort of Suessian, really. Kudos for trying a new medium!

  17. You are absolutely right about this photo it looks cute but creepy at the same time, it looks like a cat and a fox with a weird hair do.

  18. It looks like a devil because of the pointed ears. But it looks funny to me.

  19. I think his eyes angled like that are what make him creepy...but necessarily in a bad way.

    Maybe he needs fur on his body...like a big round fat soft body made with fur...and maybe bead/metal washer jointed arms and legs. They wouldn't actually support him. but they might look cute.

    Good luck!

  20. I think this is cute. I don't see creepy at all. Hmmm. Wonder what that means? I think a long wavy body, sort of serpanty/dragony would suit him perfectly. With wirey little legs. And a barbed tail.


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