Because A Little Sunshine

You GUYS! Have you SEEN the new Simon Says Stamp Card Kit? The June kit? You guys, for REALS, this thing is so fabulous. It's happy. It is super duper happy. It is just stuffed with wonderful, happy colors and a super happy die and happy stamps and... just ...


For reals.

Be Happy by Jennifer Ingle using the Simon Says Stamp June 2015 Card Kit #simonsays #simonsaysstamp #simonsaysck #diy #cards

ACK! Cute, right? I used the super fun stamp set to stamp the Happy and then embossed it with Ranger Pink Embossing Powder (Which has TOTALLY become a favorite of mine. Seriously. I love it.) after stamping the adorable little sun and his adorable little mouth. I then layered one of the Doodlebug Shape Sprinkles over the sun for a little added flair! SO FUN!

The patterned papers in the kit are fabulous, as well! I used bits of them to accent the top of my card and bring in even more color and then mounted it all in the fabulous Green Leaf cardstock. LOVE IT!

Be Happy by Jennifer Ingle using the Simon Says Stamp June 2015 Card Kit #simonsays #simonsaysstamp #simonsaysck #diy #cards

That typewriter look I used for the 'Be' portion of the sentiment is achieved by simply 'bouncing' your stamp just a bit while stamping. It can be pretty tricky to do on purpose, but it's easy peasy to do entirely by accident. *wink* (Hee-hee...See what I did there?) HA! I crack myself up.

Anyway, I highly recommend you run on over to Simon Says Stamp and pick up this kit before it sells out. Because it's awesome. And that's all there is to it.

Have a Happy. For reals, though!


  1. Such a cute card! Love the bounce technique, mine never turn out that well lol. How cute is that sun with the sunglasses???.

  2. Completely adorable. I love your little sun dude, he looks so happy!

  3. Love the design!! What a fun card.

  4. I kind of love the glasses! The stamp bounce, it's a new technique. ;)

  5. Absolutely LOVE this card! :)

  6. This is so fabulous & fun! I love the strips of paper along the top, too!


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