Firmoo Glasses Review and SALE!

Guys, I wear glasses. I know this is not news to most of you, however, what MAY be news is the fact that I LOVE wearing glasses. Yes, I need them to actually see anything, but I am totally okay with that because I love them. I have since my sophomore year in high school when the doctor laughed out loud to my responses upon reading the eye chart and confirmed that I do, indeed, need glasses. What I do NOT love, however, is paying ridiculous amounts of money to acquire cute glasses. I mean, for REALS, these are on my face EVERY SINGLE DAY, I want to mix it up a bit, have some fun with it.

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Firmoo offers a wide selection of SUPER CUTE frames available both in prescription and clear lenses. You can get traditional or sunglasses, as well! AND... your first pair is FREE! Yes, you heard that right. You can get your first pair of glasses from FIRMOO Free! You just pay for shipping!

I actually own several pair of Firmoo glasses and I truly love them! They recently sent me a new pair to try out and review for you. I chose these adorable tortoise and blue frames. And yes. I love them. Lots.


These are GREAT quality glasses. I always order the anti-glare coating, but other than that, I generally keep my lenses pretty basic. You do have several options to upgrade them, if you so choose. One thing I have noticed about Firmoo glasses is that the fit. I don't know how, I don't know why, but when these come in the mail, they fit well and I love that!


This is a red and clear pair I recently purchased and one of my absolute favorites! They feel so ME! Love that!


This pair is a fun semi-dorky tortoise pair. They are large lenses and totally fun! These ones work really well with some outfits and I love that they are ready for me right when I need them!


If you aren't into funky designs, they do have some awesome basics, too! This black pair is my go-to. They go with everything, they are comfy, and they suit me well.

I love this dress!!! #justme #sometimesifeelcute #selfie #ootd #nofilter

And this fun turquoise pair adds a pop of color in a simple design. These ones are particularly great when I wear neutrals and want just a little punch!

I honestly haven't shown you all of my Firmoo glasses. Yes. I love them. For reals, though.  If you haven't purchased from Firmoo before, I can't recommend them enough! It does take a bit of time for them to arrive, as they ship from China, however, they arrive with a free hard case, a free soft case, and lens cloth, and a keychain glasses repair kit. If you have ordered from Firmoo before, they are having a great sale (code: SPD6543), so treat yourself to a new pair for spring!

Have a happy!

All links in this post are affiliate links. I was sent a free pair of glasses to review. All photos, thoughts, and opinions are my own.


  1. How fun! I'm a contact lens wearer but always have to have glasses as a backup. It pains me to pay so much for glasses when I don't really use them too often. So I'll definitely have to look into this! TFS! :)

  2. HOLY CRAB. i want every single pair you posted. xo thanks for nothing. hahahaha!

  3. !!!!!! Love!!!! Must check it out!! I love my current pair--but I only have ONE pair!😞 thanks for sharing!!

  4. OMG, I am having so much fun virtually trying on every pair. I've been needing new glasses, but didn't want to spend the money. Now I can get multiple pairs!! Yay! Thanks so much!


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