I'm HOOKED on 3M Hooks! {A Fun Contest, Too!}

Recently I was offered the opportunity to try out a few of 3M Command Brand's latest products. I was excited at the opportunity, as we already use 3M Command products in our home and I LOVE how well they work! They sent me a box with several different products in them and I want to share how I used some of those in my studio... and in my home!

First of all, you have seen my cards. While yes, I have a Clean and Simple style, that somehow does not lend to being clean WHILE I work. HA! Nope. Not even a little bit. Due to my amazing ability to make a mess, I often wear an apron while I am creating. I have several that I keep hung in my studio on a couple of awesome 3M Command hooks. They easily hold 3 or so aprons each and they look great, too! I love that I don't have to worry about them falling off the wall, but when we move (we are apartment people...I always have to keep the next move in mind) they will come off cleanly without a trace of damage to the wall. LOVE THAT! For reals, though.

Aprons on 3M Command Hooks

As you can see, I also keep my photo box backdrops hanging on one and somehow my CK Convention thingy (yup...totally the technical term) landed there, too. They can totally handle the weight and I LOVE THAT!!!!

3M Command Hooks

The next place you will find 3M Command hooks in my studio I am super excited about! I just recently put these up with the new hooks that came in the package and I couldn't be happier with this fun way to display my cards! I tied some twine to each hook and now I can easily switch out which cards hang and always have some of my recent favorites on display! I so love that! I think it might be fun to do this with the Clear Window Hooks, too (so they are more subtle) and cover an entire wall with cards displayed this way. You could also totally use this method for photos by simply mounting photos on folded card fronts! LOVE. IT.

Card Display

Isn't that just fun? I totally have the wall vision now. I'm going to have to do it. Oooooh, how I love a great idea!!!!

3M Command Hook Card Display

Okay, so... this last one isn't in my studio, but I HAD to share it because it makes me way happier than any little plastic hook ever should, but, alas, this girl LOVES a quality solution to a problem! The shower. Yup. 3M totally has a new line of bath products and that means that they have developed hooks that can handle the wetness and humidity of the bathroom...even IN the shower itself!

3M Command Hooks in the shower

YAY!!! Prior to this we were using a suction cup style thing to hold up shower essentials. I hated that thing, but it was what was available. Why did I hate it? Oh, you know... because it would randomly come CRASHING DOWN FROM THE WALL somewhere between 2 and 3am. I have no idea why it never fell during an actual shower or even when nobody was home... but it was REALLY good at scaring the crud out of us in the middle of the night. HA! The 3M command hooks can not ONLY be trusted to stay put and not come crashing down, but they look WAY nicer than that did, too. I also feel like they are a cleaner way to store my essentials in the shower. I love that they have brought out this line. Genius, I tell you! GENIUS!

3M Bathroom Hooks

Aren't they just great?! I certainly think so! I also want to share a SUPER FUN contest they Command is currently running! This is perfect for any DIY kind of folks and the prize is totally awesome! It's the Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper Contest! Yup! They are looking for people who can wrap with the best of 'em!

Entering is as easy as creating a 3-minute video with your best gift wrapping tips. You could be chosen as a finalist and flown to New York City for an all-expenses paid trip to compete for $10,000 on December 6! And, if you submit one of the first 50 valid entries, you will automatically win a package of new colored and patterned Scotch Expressions Tapes, which are perfect for papercrafting and personalization.

Enter, get more information and catch a glimpse of the 2012 contest here: http://www.MostGiftedWrapper.com/CFE

TOTALLY awesome, right? Totally.

Be sure to check out Command Brand Products from 3M (and the Scotch stuff, too... hello... WASHI TAPE!)! Here's where you can find them:

Command Brand Website
On Facebook
On Twitter

Have a Happy!

*I was provided with products to review for this post, however, I was not compensated in any other manner.  All ideas, opinions, and statements are my own.


  1. Jingle, I LOVE that you have your cards hanging on Command hooks. THAT.IS.BRILLIANT!!! What a fun way to display!

  2. These are sooo cute! I love the cards hanging, perfect. You know i love aprons too and the bit about hooks falling off in the wee hours of the morning had me giggling! I may have to check these out as we set up the new house!

  3. Wow! These are so cool! I LOVE the idea of using them to hang completed cards. I'm going to have to get some and try it!

  4. nice plug. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, love the words of encouragement, waving hi from the hills of North Carolina♥

  5. Very very COOL!!! Just might have to get some!!! :)

  6. Kinda love the hanging cards, so fun!

  7. Love your idea of hanging your cards with them, Jingle!

  8. I keep my aprons on command hooks too! The little card display is awesome, wonderful ideas!!!!

  9. I love the idea for displaying cards! Fun and useful:)

  10. Love the how you are displaying the cards!!! I really like the green hooks!

  11. Great card display! LOVE the neon green hooks! And I did see their new WASHI tape, too!

  12. love how you hung up your cards, and haha - that HAS happened to us in the shower. CRASH. i think i need those bathroom hooks for sure!

  13. they seem to hold up a lot of stuff! these are really cute. I like the designs and so nice for showcasing your awesome cards! BONUS!!

  14. Gift wrapping?? Here I was going to give you my best command hook ideas! I have a guest room with no closet, 3 staggered hooks on the back of the door and I can hang 2 hangers on each hook for guests to use. A mini-closet! AND my spice racks in my kitchen are attached on my tile backsplash with command hooks! Love them!!


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