Colored Pencils Can Offer Brilliant Colors, too!

So, here's the thing... you want to add bold, vibrant color to your cards, but you don't have a degree in coloring from the Alcohol Marker Institute of America? Yeah, me, neither. I totally get it. All that numbering and blending and ... whew! It gets a bit daunting! So, while I do use my Spectrum Noir markers, I have actually found that I can get those same bold, vibrant looks using colored pencils and, personally, I find them a lot easier to work with than markers. Let me show you...

Thank you SO Much

Yup. Totally did that with colored pencils. Prismacolors, to be precise. For reals. I wouldn't lie about something like this, folks. This is serious stuff! HA! And the best part is... all I did was choose three colored pencil colors and worked my way from the outside in. You could do it from the inside out, if you prefer... I just knew what I wanted on the outside first, so I started there. This girl... not so much a 'planner'. Just sayin'. LOL! I did apply mineral spirits with a tortillion after coloring to bolden up those colors and give the full vibrancy. It also helps blend them even more, although, good colored pencils tend to blend well just while you use them, so that's handy, too.

Thank you SO Much (detail)

As for WHAT to color? Well, that parts easy! Just pick out some GORGEOUS stamps like these fabulous Sheena Douglas images from Crafter's Companion! I used Sheena's Through the Rain and Flower Power sets for this card. You can actually get a good deal on both if you choose them for this bundle offer. Just sayin'.

So... if you are not the coloring type and part of that is due to a dreadful phobia of fancy markers... I hope you will give Prismacolors a try. I think you might find them a lot easier and totally fun! Oh...and the results are pretty cool, too. Just sayin'.


  1. gorgeous! I love my prismacolors, I switched to them from markers a long time ago and won't go back!

  2. Ooh, yes, vibrant! Love it!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. So pretty! Great job with the color!

  4. Amazing colouring Jingle!! The blending is fabulous!!

  5. Beautiful colors. I love my prismacolors:)

  6. Hahaha alcohol marker Institute of America! Gorgeous card! The flower!

  7. Supposed to say love the flower!

  8. Wow, this is really brilliant!


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