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***This is my second post of the day! Be sure to check out my Stuffed Ice Cream card in the post below!***

Yup! It's totally Friday and I TOTALLY think that is a perfectly good reason to celebrate. Right? Right. K. Thanks. BUT...you could also celebrate for things like birthdays and other stuff where presents are involved, and in that event, you may need a card to go with the present due to that whole..'if you give a mouse a cookie' conundrum that we all face so very often...no? You don't face that conundrum often? K....maybe it's just me. I'm cool with that. Just say'n.


BUT...there's a card for that! (See what I did there...I did the whole 'there's an app for that' thing, only I changed it to card.... yeeeah.....riiiiight. K. I'm done with that now. Moving on.) BUT I DO HAVE A CARD FOR THAT! A card for celebrating!

Celebrate (detail)

This card features the super fun Birthday Stamp Set from Precious Remembrance Shop! CUTENESS! I combined it with papers from my The Story kit from Scrapbook Circle and some of the way awesome Washi Tape from Target. How much do I love that tape? Well, let's just say I bought all three color stories. That's how much. (And I NEVER do stuff like that! LOL!)

Anyway...I hope you will awesomely check out the Precious Remembrance blog and leave some love over there if you get a chance! The inspiration over there is crazy! Such amazing samples!

That's all for now!

Jingle Out!


  1. Jingle~love this, it is really cute and it just pops!! That is a good thing:):)

  2. absolutely gorgeous and I am loving the washi tape!
    Have a great weekend, Deb♥x♥


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