The Ides of March Are Upon Us, My Friends

Can I tell you a secret? I'm scared to death of the month of March. I actually DO beware the Ides of March. You see, over the last decade or so...about every other year around the Ides of March I have had a car 'incident' of some kind. Accidents. I hate them. Last year it was a little late...it happened on April 1st instead and was one of the worst ones yet. Oh, yeah...like THAT is much better! HA! Thus, I am always quite aware of the Ides and their arrival. I can almost hear the soothsayer who warned Julius Ceasar offering the same to me. So, I'm not a big fan of March, but I do love the coming of Spring, so I just focus on that part! AND...with that, I have a couple of things to share with you today!

Chocolate Bunny ATC

Retro Cafe Art is sponsoring over at Gingersnaps Creations this month and this week's challenge is to use BORDER PUNCHES!!!

Chocolate Bunny ATC (detail 1)

I layered several strips of a wide border punched strip across the Masonite ATC Base and then covered the Arch with patterned paper and added that to the base along with another border punched border, some twine to serve as grass, and then the Chocolate Bunny cut out!

Chocolate Bunny ATC (detail 2)

The adorable little German Cotton Spun Mushrooms were the PERFECT accent to finish it off! You should check out the challenge! The prize is AWESOME!!!!

AND...I'm also excited to be the Guest Islander (I don't know what they call them, so I'm going with that! HA!) over at Desert Islands Crafts Challenge! Are you familiar with this challenge site? If not you MUST check it out! It is SO much fun! There is an Itinerary created and you create your card based on the items on the Itinerary! It's cute, creative, and super fun! You can check out the Itinerary I created over on the blog. I managed to hit 8 out of the 10 items on my list ALL on one card! LOL! (Don't worry...you only have to hit three!)


ACK!!!! It's an attack of Critter Cuteness!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! I crack myself up. I really really do. Just say'n. ANYWAY....it's a super fun itinerary and you totally should participate because all the cool kids are doing it. For reals. HA!

Hi! (detail)

That, and what in the WORLD would posses you to skip out on something that could potentially lead to the co-mingling of gnomes, puppies, and monkeys with mustaches? I mean, REALLY, here people. Just say'n.

SO...yeaaaaah. That's that. Oh...and to the person who asked what color Jelly Bean I would be...the answer is red. Because EVERYBODY loves the red ones! YAY!!!! (If you don't like the red ones, just keep that to yourself so this lovely bubble of mine doesn't burst, K? K. Thanks. Bye now.)


That's all.

Jingle Out.


  1. oh i love that chocolate bunny --way to cute!!

  2. What stamp set has those little mustaches? Just too cute.

  3. I love the chocolate bunny - the grass is brilliant, and how adorable are those little mushrooms? *love*
    And omg, how much critter cuteness? I tease my dog by petting her mustache all the time - drives her crazy :)

  4. Gorgeous chocolate bunny
    Hugs Elaine
    Well done

  5. I know I should be focusing on the bunny or the way you used the border punches on your card (and those are awesome!) but I can't take my eyes off the little mushrooms!!! I had a thing for mushrooms as a teen (way back in the dark ages) and collected mushroom pictures, especially ones that had a more fairy or fantasy element. Oh these little mushrooms have that same air about them...cuteness deluxe. I can just imagine a tiny frog or mouse making a home out of these little lovelies!
    Ok sorry for the ramble but I had to spill my excitement:)
    So sorry for your fear of the Ides of March...while I can't put an exact month to my fender benders, I can relate with hating car accidents!!!
    Your adorable mustashioed animals are making me smile:)

  6. Great cards! I especially love your little critters!

  7. both of these are just so darn cute...I am diggin that fun rabbit and cool little critters...great cards..

  8. Love the cards both of them~hoping for a great March~starting a new trend~no accidents!!

  9. Lovely cards, the bunny and mushrooms are sooooooooo cute! Valerie

  10. That bunny card is adorable!!!

  11. Great cards as always...but i love the bunny one the best! That brown felt bunny is really cute.

  12. hoping this march is MUCH better for you! LOVE your chocolate bunny! Makes me want to go buy one and eat it! :) Congrats on the guest DT gig!!

  13. Oh no, I hope you're safe...
    I adore your cards!!

    TFS ~

  14. I love your adorable cards! That bunny looks good enough to eat. I really hope you didn't have an accident today!!

  15. So cute! Love that chocolate bunny!

  16. WOWZERS!!! Love both your CAS card- but the bunny and borders- and mushrooms : ) that is just fabulous!!!

  17. Both of your card are so cute.
    I am really liking the chocolate bunny one....not only because it looks like chocolate, but those mushrooms are so cute.

  18. The bunny looks scared.

    He knows what's comin' . . .

  19. Adorable cards. Love the little mushrooms on the first one. :)

  20. Awesome creations! I do love those tiny mushrooms in your ATC and those moustachioed pets just cracked me up!

  21. Love the chocolate bunny and hoping your safe all through March and the rest of the year.
    hugs lynn

  22. cute cute cute as can be!!! loveee how you used twin for your easter grass!


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