A Handsome Valentine or Just a Meathead with Balloons?

Thank you ALL for the amazing comments you left on my birthday giveaway post! I know it would be quite simple to leave a quick comment to enter to win and move on, but MAN, you guys really know how to make a girl feel special! Thank you all SO MUCH! I will keep that one open through Tuesday (Valentine's Day) at midnight.

And speaking of Valentine's Day...how about a date with this guy?

Meathead with Balloons

So...what do you think? A handsome Valentine or just a meathead with balloons? LOL! I think I'm leaning toward the latter, but he is at least amusing! HA! I created him using the SUPER fun masonite Circus Muscle Man with Heart from Retro Cafe Art Gallery. His balloons are from the 1" Circles Valentines Day Collage Sheet by Debrina Pratt. I covered them with a glaze and sprinkled glitter on them before attaching to the wire strings. The papers are from the You + Me kit from Scrapbook Circle.

Meathead (detail)

This is a fun little piece that I really enjoyed putting together. Sort of a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the Hallmark holiday and all it's silliness. I hope you have enjoyed him!

Meathead (detail 2)

Oh...and please forgive my photos over the next few days! I just got a brand new light box yesterday for my birthday and need to get it properly set up, but I took a few shots yesterday just to see how it all worked and I am SO still learning! LOL! But they are going to ROCK once I get it all figured out! Oh...and watch for some die cutting and embossing madness soon, too, because I also got a Grand Calibur for my birthday! Between The Hubbums and my awesome parents and sister, I pretty much had a craft-tastic day!!!!

Jingle Out.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I think he is fun! Love the heart that you cut out in him!

  2. glad you had a wonderful birthday!!!

    this is so cool!

  3. wow this is like so awesome...Happy Belated Birthday...so glad to hear that it was awesome..

  4. Happy Birthday a day late!
    But I always say, better late than never :)
    That is one muscular dude, but very cool!!

  5. Very very cute!! Happy belated Birthday!!

  6. Oh, I LIKE that muscle man! I think I'll just imagine him being a very SWEET guy as WELL as a buff one! I mean, he IS holding those awesome balloons for someone! THAT'S pretty cool! LOVE YOU, JEN! And you know I'm glad your birthday was a good one!

  7. tee hee! this makes me smile!

  8. EEEK...This is sooo fun! I'm so late to the party. Hope you had a fun and blessed birthday! Hugs!!!

  9. Lovely original idea! Thanks for sharing:)

  10. Love what you have made! Glad you had a good b'day! Valerie

  11. I think he will be perfect for a fun day~set him right beside the chocolates!!!

  12. Hmmm, at least the balloons have the right sentiments - so his muscles might could be overlooked..... ;-)


  13. Glad your bday was so good! And love how fun this is. Out of the box, original and awesome!

  14. Sounds like a wonderful birthday! Love your funky fella.... the balloons are AWESOME.

  15. I'm so glad muscle man brought you balloons for your birthday. Just awesome!!!

  16. I love it too!
    Makes me smile big time and so well done!


  17. This is so cool! Love it!
    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day, hugs, Karin

  18. Just too cute and what a YOU-NIQUE design :) Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my Really Reasonable Ribbon St. Patty's Day box :)

  19. Happy Belated Birthday! I really like the mussel man, he is a sweetheart remembering his love with ballones <3

  20. Hahahaha! Maybe it's my monitor, but now that you point it out, muscle man IS a bit steak-colored! You make me LOL:)

    Hope you had the happiest of birthdays!


  21. oh my how fun!!! love the balloons with the glaze & glitter...trying to figure out what glitter you used...


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