I Love You. Not Mondays, but you.

HA! It's Monday. I swear the only thing that keeps me going on Mondays anymore is that fact that it is 10 cent taco night! HA! This one is particularly hitting hard, seeing as the last two have been holidays so I didn't have to work. This week, well, this week we embark on one of those 'five day work week' things of which I've heard tell. We shall see how that goes. Just say'n. BUT...I do have a happy card to begin the week!

I Love You

With Valentine's Day slowly creeping it's way closer, I think it will be fun to toss in some lovey dovey cards here and there! This one is done with a couple of my favorite 100 Proof Press stamps! I used the large doily stamp (pineapples and picots! YAY!) and the pretty little lace fancy heart stamp that I love so much! The doily images are stamped in buttercup ink and the heart is stamped in Worn Lipstick (Distress) ink.

I love you (detail)

The beautiful trim is Webster's pages and that gorgeous sentiment is SRM Stickers! I added a few Creative Imaginations pearls to the mix to add a bit of elegance to the design.

I love You (2)

OH! And in other news, thank you for all the well wishes. I am feeling much better, not quite 100% yet, but a lot better. My hacking is minimal now. HA! AND...my NEW COAT ARRIVED!!!! I am so excited! I needed a new warm winter coat, so the Hubbums suggested using part of my Christmas bonus to get one so I found one I LOVE and it is rated for 30 degrees below zero, so it is WARM AND TOASTY! The Hubbums actually sent me the link initially letting me know that it was warm, cute, and... "Plus, all the old ladies are wearing them!" HA! That cracked me up, but this style does seem popular amongst the older crowd. I'm cool like them now. And I LOVE IT!!! I got it on sale and added a coupon code I found, so I feel like I got a good price on it, too, so that makes me happy. This will be a many years coat! I got this one! Squeeeee!!!!

I hope you have a super fantastic Monday!!!! Mine just got better sharing with you. That's what I love about blogging. You guys put me in a better mood even before you start commenting! How cool is that?! Anyway....

...Jingle Out!


  1. Fabulous Valentines card, love the background stamping and the beautiful flowers. Enjoy your new coat. xx

  2. That card is DELICIOUS! Even BETTER than candy corn for breakfast! YEP! It's beautiful, romantic without being sappy (tho' SOMETIMES I like sappy - LOL!) and elegant! REALLLLLY nice job! As for your hacking, may it TOTALLY go away SOON. Ugh. An entire work week with a MONDAY & EVERYTHING? Sucks, huh? Do you get MLK Day off? That's NEXT Monday! So if you DO, you will have it to anticipate! Now! The coat! It's so extra nice! Do you know I've NEVER owned a coat? (I mean - I DO live in Houston.) Well, I owned a pretty red flair jacket once. I was 22, almost ready to have my daughter, and I was on my way to the doctor for my check-up. I ALWAYS rode buses & it was chilly that winter so I wore my brand new jacket for the very first time. When I was standing at the bus stop coming HOME, I saw this old lady - homeless - and Jen, she was SHAKING. Sigh. Yes, I did. I gave her my jacket. Good thing I had bought it with my own $$ 'cause my (then) hubby was NOT happy with me. I was happy tho', with my OWN decision, so no regrets. I LOVE your new coat, and you NEED a good coat there! You'll have to get your hubby to take a photo of you modeling it so we can admire you in it! Oooops. I think I just wrote a novel. Sorry. 'Bye!

  3. Great cards. I love the background stamps...100 Proof Press is the best!

  4. So soft and luxurious.... love all that fluff!

  5. So pretty!
    Love that large doily stamp!!

  6. ooo, ruffles! I have some of that ribbon, I might give this a try!

  7. I cannot believe that it is creepin up on Valentine's Day already! Ahhhh!!!! :) Lovely card! Love the light lace stamp and the heavy ribbon! Glad that you are feeling better and have a yummy warm coat! -Amanda

  8. First....so happy that you are feeling better chickie!! Need the hubbikins to make you a nice hot totty so help that hacking.

    Second...where is the pic of that lovely new coat? We want to see ^_^
    HEY...us old folks are COOL..just sayin..hehe

    Third and so not last by any means is that I adore your card. I love the stamps that you use but I really love all the Jingletastic touches you give each and everyone of them.


  9. love the card and the two colors you paired with it make it perfect!!!

  10. what a pretty card...love that rose ribbon and that sweet heart in the corner...too cute.

  11. Lovely work, I do enjoy seeing your artwork!

  12. What a nice card. Yep, I can see why you love that doily stamp.

    The coat looks nice and toasty. I hate wearing coats though.... don't know what that's about. I need to wear then where I'm at, in the winter, with heeps of snow on the ground.

    Monday is almost done!


  13. What a beautiful card with pure heart! The roses are sweet. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  14. such a cute card!!!
    I'm not a Monday fan, and five day work weeks? bleh!

  15. This card is Awesome!! And I like your new coat too :)

  16. 10 cent taco night! Wow! And your card is beautiful! :)

  17. I am in love with your card! Ohmyjustgorgeous! The Colors work so well together.

  18. 10 cent tacos? WOW, atres are 49 cents! LOL

    Sweet card. Love the flowers!
    Enjoy your week hun
    hugs Lynn

  19. glad to read you are feeling better....and I gotta see your new coat since I am an old lady and I need a new winter coat...just sayin' lol
    love love love your card and the trim....yummmmm

  20. Your card is so pretty. Love the crisp colours to it.
    I would love to see your old lady coat...I got a new old lady sweater that my girls bought me for Christmas.
    I guess we are both cool like that, teehee.

  21. Ohh I caved and have a rather largish order of the trim coming so thabnks for the enable I love it :-)

  22. I love everything about this card!! The lace... the doilies and the heart (how you put the heart on top of the doily too)... AND the lacy sentiment! Great great job :)


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