Namaste {More than Just a CSN Review}

I recently told you all about the products I would be receiving from CSN to try out and review.  I chose the Valeo Inc Yoga Kit which includes a sticky mat, two blocks, a strap, and a simple bag to store your mat.

I was hesitant to choose this particular kit because, well, quite frankly, the extremely low price made me think the quality may not be very good.  I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived!  The mat is fantastic!  It is long, sticks to the floor wonderfully, and is a comfortable thickness even on my hardwood floors at home.  The blocks are sturdy and good quality and the strap is your every day yoga strap...again, good quality.  This kit is SUCH a great value, in my opinion!

I also chose two Yoga DVD's to help me get started on a regular, daily practice.  I selected Rodney Yee's Yoga for Beginners and Maintenance Yoga for Weight Loss.

Can I tell you something completely honest.  I have never done anything better for myself.  Well, okay, maybe allowing myself to embrace art and fully emerge myself in it, but this is right there with it.  And even better, my art and my yoga practice seem to compliment one another so very well.  For me, I am finding that even this early in my development of a regular yoga practice, it is becoming a lifestyle for me.  I can't really describe it, other than the fact that I am so aware and through that awareness I find control, calm, and peace in my day.  I have even found that even if I am running late, it is better for me to give myself that 20 minutes of yoga time and be a little late than to skip it.  My day is truly enriched by this practice.  I hope to collect a few more DVD's as I like the variety and the different perspectives of the instructors.  Overall, this is one of the best items I've ever reviewed and I am so thankful to CSN stores for the opportunity.

Do you practice yoga?  Art?  Both?  Do you love it?






  1. lol, we must think alike! I got 4 things to review for csn- one of them was this kit-or actually the one that comes with a DVD! I looked that those DVD's and then decided that I would try some videos on netflix before I bought any! I'm glad I made a good choice!

  2. Yoga and art are 2 things which are really good for body and soul!

  3. I REALLY understand how the yoga benefits you and how it becomes a much-needed activity! In '88 I started exercising SERIOUSLY. At first I just did machines/weights. Then I tried aerobics. O.M.G.! It took me FOREVER to catch all the steps & 'get it'. By then I was addicted. Long story short, by '95 I was TEACHING step & dance (salsa, hip-hop, and free style) aerobics. I LOVED it. Kept it up, and in 2002 - just before the accident which stole my ability to do much of ANYTHING anymore, I ran not ONE but TWO marathons. I still do 2 hours of crunches & upper body exercise 6 days a week to keep my core strong. But I miss 'real' exercise more than I usually tell ANYONE. I loved how ALIVE it made me feel! Jen, you will TRULY give yourself the best gift EVER if you continue with the yoga! And art? Exercise and art go hand in hand! HUGS TO YOU!

  4. Good for you! That's fantastic. I have yet to try yoga but recently started Pilates and I am finding I look forward to it more and more each day:) Hope you have a wonderful week!

  5. I have seriously thought about trying yoga....I just need some motivation!

  6. I have tried it before and couldn't actually get into it, but your post makes me want to try it again!!

  7. Yoga, no. Art, yes. I salute you!

  8. WOW! You have no idea how much I needed this post ;) I was JUST saying yesterday that I need to get into yoga. I really want something calming and that stretches my muscles - I am feeling so brittle :) lately and I think that would be good for me.

    Thank you for the inspiration and for your sweet comment on my art piece.

    Namaste ;) Kristin xo

  9. I think yoga is especially important for artists. Whether it's sewing, painting, etc. we tend to get stuck in odd positions of concentration LOL. Namaste! (I'll be so glad when google evolves spiritually and stops spell checking that word)

  10. Have a great stretch for me...with Lupus Yoga sometimes hurts...warm water swimming is where I find my peace. Congratulations. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  11. I would love to get into yoga but I'm not disciplined enough to do it at home and I don't have any place to go here in town. I'm jealous of you!!

  12. YAY! yes, this is a fabby idea! i love that you chose THIS to review, and it's TOTALLY something i'd use... blogged about you and this little giveaway! (you know where to find me)


    namaste, sweet friend! :)


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