Holy Amazing Mail Day Batman!

So, no, seriously, though folks...I had an AMAZING mail day yesterday! I was honored to receive two fabulous scrappy packages that I totally wasn't expecting! What can beat that???

First, MichelleRN over at AMR was awesome enough to notice that I was sad the other day because my treasured Uniball Signo white pen had run OUT! I know...can you believe it! I mentioned that I knew I couldn't get to the store for a couple of weeks to get one so do you KNOW what that SWEET girl went and did??? She sent me one that she had on hand!!!! Isn't that the awesomest thing EVER? (If I use it...it is a word. Good...now that we have that settled...let's continue....) ANYWAY....not ONLY did she send me a replacement for the best white pen in the wholest widest world....(refer to earlier parenthetical commentary...) but she also found these WAY cute stamps from Rubber Soul that I just about died for! LOL! I am a HUGE fan of monkeys in general and I had a really cute monkey avatar for awhile and so Michelle said that when she saw these stamps they made her think of ME!!! Even Sean thought they were great because of the Monkey! We are big monkey fans in this house...in case you hadn't picked up on that! So...here is a picture of the awesomeness that Michelle sent me. (PS....awesomeness doesn't actually fall under the earlier parenthetical commentary, as spell check seems to believe it really is a word...hmmm! Who Knew?!)

Awesome RAK from Michelle!

Oh....BUT WAIT.....That's not ALL, Folks! My incredible ScrapPal, Cindy, decided to send me one HUGE last package! OH MY SCRAPPYNESS! There is so much fun stuff here I can't even take it all in....there was a bag of Gummy Bears...Haribo, of course....but ummm.....I can't find it anywhere....yeah.....that's why it isn't in the photo.......

....I digress....seriously, though...check it out! Two J's! I do so love the letter J! Stamps and stickers, and paper, and Bazzill with an EDGE, and my favorite brand of brads and Thickers, and cocktails, and dogs OH MY! This was fun to open!

Awesome RAK from Cindy!

Closer view of Awesome RAK from Cindy!

Now tell me....who wouldn't want friends like mine? Are these people not just amazing! Thank you both! You have shined brightly on my entire week!

So...with all of this goodness, I just can't help but to share! I am going to offer a wonderful RAK opportunity to everyone who posts on this thread telling me something wonderful that a friend has done for you lately! I figure if you've read through my meaningless banter up to this point...you deserve it! LOL! Thanks for sticking around! I will post a winner sometime tomorrow, so be quick about it, huh? LOL!


  1. How cool are your friends?!?
    Well, I have a friend at work, we both love Chick-fil-A. I decided to work through my lunch and she got me a sweet tea! Isn't that sweet! She is a wonderful person.

  2. What an amazing RAK, both of them! Lately, I have been the recipient of quite a few RAKs from challenges, so that is cool! But the one that sticks out in my mind most is tigardlilly. While none of her generosity has been RAK related, she has been sharing a lot of her stamps and embellishments with me! She has quite a bit of stuff and I always seem to forget stuff when we crop together!

  3. Wow!!! Happy mail day is right!!! Enjoy!

  4. I have been down in the dumps and one of my scrapping friends sent me a email that really boosted my spirits, it wasnt a material something, but it meant more to me then anything functional......You received a very nice RAKs in the mail.....Jo (retirednrse)

  5. I have a friend (shhhh! she's my scrap-pal, ScrappyJackie) who lets me know I'm worth something more than I think I am.....She boosts my spirits, gives me cyber hugs and is enthused at the things I am.... And we both love stamping....


    (Pattie's passion)

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!!

  6. The girls at COCOA always send the best little RAKS- they totally brighten my day! One time, I mentioned how I really was wanting a journaling stamp, and one of the ladies sent me a whole set from autumn leaves. It was really nice. :) Enjoy your goodies!

  7. Howdy Jingle. Best thing a friend did for me lately was agree to watch both my kids for a job orientation. Friends really are the bestest!
    Sabrina ROpp

  8. holy macrel amazing fun mail day!!!


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