Thinking of You

I excited to have my second post for Viva Las Vegas Stamps up today! I fell in LOVE with this Map of the World stamp the moment I saw it and I was so excited to use it for a fun card! I cannot even lie, you guys. I love how this one turned out! Viva Las Vegas was super nice and tossed a tiny airplane stamp into my order for free and it was a PERFECT fit with the map! LOVE IT!!!

Thinking of You Worldwide

I combined the images with a couple of great sentiment stickers from Pebbles. I LOVE THEM! And this card. And the stamps. And the colors. Yup. I'm pretty much just all around in love, what can I tell ya, folks? Keepin' it real here at Just Jingle, that's all.

Thinking of You (detail)

Be sure to head on over to the Viva Las Vegas Stamp blog and leave some love and check out the other awesome inspiration!

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