A Bit of Birthday Pink

Hello, friends!  It is such a pleasure to see you today.  No... really.  I appreciate you.  I just want you to know that.  For reals.

Today I have a fun card to share with you created with Paper Smooches cuteness!

Birthday Cheers

I stamped several sentiments from the Birthday Sampler set in a sort of subway art style at the bottom corner of my card using Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko London Fog Momento ink.  I then added the balloons, also in that set, in the Momento Rose Bud ink.  I drew the balloon strings and then stamped a small bow from Fresh Squeezed Stamps onto the bunch!  FUN!  YAY!

Birthday Balloons (detail)

So, when I showed a friend this card she confessed that balloons that are not going straight up sort of make her crazy.  It makes sense.  With helium they simply wouldn't randomly place themselves, they are only going to rise in one direction.  HA!  That being said, I've decided that these have an invisible person carrying them. That would cause motion, which, in turn, would shift the way the balloons are moving.  SO...just in case you were concerned about my balloons not rising correctly as tied to the words...it's all good.  I've got it covered.  HAHAHAHA!

And, with that, my dear friends, I leave you!

Have a Happy!

You can find the products I've used for this card in the links below.

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  1. I think the balloons are fine. We never had helium ballons, so ours went where the wind took them. Maybe yours are just plain air, on a breezy day.
    Pretty card! (That London Fog ink does make me crazy, sometimes, with the splotchy thing it does. I thought it was just me!)

  2. Or IS it me, and that's what the stamp does?

  3. I love Jen! This card is so fun, all of those sentiments and the adorable balloons!

  4. this card is just so fun! love all the sentiments!

  5. OK, I gotta laugh at the balloon explanation :) I never would have thought of that! lol Love how you did the sentiments - must give that a shot :) AND pink & grey together? Beautimus!

  6. I stopped having birthdays many many MANY years ago..hehe but I love this card. The balloons added just the right touch.

  7. Too funny about the baloons. I call it artistic license! Very fun card!

  8. totally gorgeous, I do love that colour combo!

  9. Super cute and love the grey with the pink and white! Yes, the balloons are too cute raised!


  10. I love your balloon explanation. The invisible person theory works for me! :)

  11. I love your card! The block of words you created is so cool... definitely going to try something like that!

  12. The mix of sentiments is awesome! I really love how it looks. The balloons are sweet, and they do float to the side (remember those mass balloon releases in school?). :)

  13. This is so cute! love the balloons-what a perfect little embellishment.

  14. Super cute, love the Jingle take on subway art!


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