You're My Cup of Tea

It snowed. Again. Enough Said on THAT. Just say'n. Seriously...Maggie and Thatcher, my labs, LOVE snow and even they are tired of it covering up their yard and making it difficult to move around. Poor girls! LOL! But, alas, what can we do?

I have a fun Valentine to share with you today! Is it just me, or do coffee drinkers have an edge as far as stamps go? It seems like it's always easier to find coffee stuff than tea stuff. Well, I say HMPH to that! HA! This is a fabulous stamp from Scrolls Work. I absolutely LOVE the detail on the tea cup! So cute! This one is for the tea drinkers!

My Cup of Tea

That gorgeous background? Yup. That's totally the Cream Hearts Holey Cardstock by Samantha Walker for Creative Imaginations. LOVE THAT!!!!

You're My Cup of Tea (sentiment)

I inked the tag and the cardstock with the stamped image to give them a warm feel. I think I like it, but I'm still not totally sure on that one. HA!

You're My Cup of Tea (image)

I love the blue tone (Twighlight by CTMH) ink combined with the white to create the china look on the tea cup. That was fun!

I am also entering this in the Gingersnaps Hot Beverage challenge. I hope to do another one with the hot beverage theme, but I wanted to toss this one in, too!

I hope you have a super fantastic Thursday!!!

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  1. ~a beautiful cup of tea to warm us up this day...the cardstock is gorgeous and your little tea cup looks so real...good luck with your challenge...much love light and blessings~

  2. Love the colors and the design! Just too cute and I have this sweet little cup stamp, too!

  3. Lovely stamp and card, but now I'm gonna be nasty! I would prefer it filled with coffee!!

  4. yummy stamp & paper! But I agree with craftattack ... gotta fill it with coffee!

  5. Terrific cut out backing paper, love that Jingle. Thank you for playing the Gingersnaps Hot Beverage Challenge. Annette x

  6. I see coffee also! Very pretty!

  7. This card is fabulous! I love the background paper and your colors on the cup of tea!

  8. I love your card especially the tag hanging down

    I try my hand at altered art cards and love it . Love creating fun stuff.

    I will be back to see more fun


  9. Nothing better than a cup of hot tea with a bit of cream and sugar well maybe one thing better...receiving this cute card. I LOVE it!!


  10. Love this! The teacup looks awesome with that dp. ~Diane

  11. That holey cardstock is amazing. I gotta have it! We usually have to shovel a path and center area for our girls when the deep snow comes. 60 pound dog gets in a drift and can't get out. Yep, we shovel the yard, lol. The card is beautiful Jingle.

  12. That is Tea-riffic! Love your little sentiment. Absolutely cute card! I agree. Hard to find tea stamps!

  13. Darling Jingle! Your my cup of tea!
    It's even harder to find Mocha cup stamps LOL

  14. I dooooooo love my coffee, but I was a tea drinker YEARS before I'd even TOUCH coffee! Earl Grey is still my 'drug of choice' - LOL! Love your new Valentine, Jen! You have a real way with designs & colors! What kind of tea do YOU like, by the way? HUGS!

  15. Love this Jennifer!! Puts a smile on my face!

  16. Fab card, Jingle! Thanks for playing the Gingersnap Creations Hot Beverage Challenge!

  17. My poor pups are getting confused! And we have to keep digging out room for them to go out and do their thing! Your card is lovely - hot coffee or tea. Yum - perfect for days such as this. Great job! Stay WARM!!! Theresa

  18. 'Tis an adorable card! I hate coffee too, blecch. (But I'm not a big fan of tea, either!)

    We got dumped on with that snow...ick.

  19. Cute card.
    I never see any hot chocolate stamps.
    Hey I just got an idea for a hot chocolate card... I need to try it. I will let you know if it turns out, teehee.

  20. i LIKE it! The color combo is great!

  21. What a beautiful cup of tea Valentine...I have found a wonderful golden cup for next Tea for Tuesdays...I can not wait to share with you all. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


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