Thousand Words Thursday

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Welcome to the JustJingle edition of Thousand Words Thursday. If you have beed around you know that I like to take a slightly different approach to this one. I like to challenge you to let your mind take you away. Let it carry you to the story behind the photograph. I don't tell you where I took the photo or any of the details surrounding it. I simply show you an inspiring photograph and encourage you to write you own story.

So, that's that. Write it down. I dare you! Tell the story behind the photo. It may be short. It may be a poem, a paragraph, a short story, or a novel. The key is to write again...since most of us haven't done that much since college!

Don't forget that I have a giveaway Monday through Friday of this week! Look around to enter them all! Spread the word!

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  1. It's too early for that kind of thinking, but I do like the photo! :o)

    Happy ATWT!

  2. The picture is sad - looks like clothes in closet waiting to be cleared out after the person has died.

  3. Great shot - it reminds me of a closet in an old movie...very retro! ;)

    Happy ATWT! :)

  4. She wanted to be light and free. Frolicking in the sun and such. But like the winter coat in your closet that you haven't stowed for the summer, she couldn't put her cold memories away.

  5. makes me think of my aunt who scours flea markets, second hand stores and ebay for vintage lace clothing.

  6. Love the picture. Reminds me of older days.


  7. I totally LOVE that photo, It makes me feel like its an old closet and I want to look around in there, behind the clothes to see what other historical treasures may be hiding in a floor board or something. Very cool, I'd love to know how you did it....I think I will play with my camera and PSE too! Thanks for the inspiration as always Jen!

  8. How about a haiku?

    Sorting through closet
    Packing her little suitcase
    he took her away



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