A Thousand Words Thursday - 05.28.2009

Cheaper Than Therapy

A Thousand Words Thursday

If you are a regular, you know the drill...let the photo carry you away. If you are new to my blog, welcome! On Thursdays I post a photo in an effort to encourage your creative mind. To encourage you to write! Let the photo carry you to another place...perhaps another time. Let it create characters and settings, and all of that lovely stuff! WRITE! It's good for us!

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Tell me about your story! I love to hear about them!!!


  1. Your photo reminds me of times gone by with my Grandmother....she used to sit and sew buttons on shirts. Its not the button that reminded me, but the colour of the stool under the button. Its the same colour as my Nans chair. Haven't visited for a bit, glad I did today!!

  2. I think of an old sweater that has lost it's button, time and wear.

    PS. your link was a little wonky on Mr. Linky.

  3. My winter coat needs this button


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