Procrastination Post

This is a Procrastination Post.

You know...the kind that you write so you can say you were 'blogging' when you were really just avoiding all the other stuff you SHOULD be doing.

Stuff like...

....putting away the clean dishes in the dishwasher.

....coming up with a BRIALLIANT way to add journaling or SOMETHING to finish the layout sitting on your left that just isn't finished for some reason even though the work you did do on it took forever and a FREAKING day because you have an obsession with paper cutting.

....making a wedding card for your cousin - particularly now that you got the 'new' version of the invitation to the reception since her lovely Mexico wedding sort of got postponed due to Club Med totally closing down for the H1N1 virus situation....

....making the other three petals for the beaded flower you started last week sometime and left sitting on the window sill by your favorite chair in hopes of somebody magically finishing it.

....going through the 92 blog posts left in your reader for today.

....getting the layouts photographed that you created ages ago and should post or submit or SOMETHING!

....clean up your daggum scrapbook room. No...it's not really that bad, but it could use a once over kind of pick up.

....put away the laundry that you 'haven't really noticed' sitting on top of the dryer in the laundry room.

....read the rest of that book that you keep saying you want to finish so you can start the next one on your list.

You know...that kind of post.

So, alas, here is the end of that post.


That means I have to go do one of those things now.

Well fine.

Enjoy the llama in the meantime. I mean, really...everyone needs a little llama in their day.

OH...and you should totally check out this awesome ebay auction!

Charlotte's Artistry!

Actually...I kind of love her paintings! They totally have the whole modern art thing going on. If she switches to reds and caramels she will have me sold in a heartbeat! Oh, and just in case you want to know the cool Mom who is teaching her kid that things have value...go here.

Now...you may return to enjoying the llama.


  1. love love love love love this post.


    you know... i wrote a blog today... procrastinating. lol wrote it instead of writing a paper. actually started blog #2 before i realized what i was doing. haha

    :) thanks for the giggles!

  2. A procrastination post.....I love it! :)

  3. I thought the whole reason I bought a computer was to procrastinate? Who knew?


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