It's Not Tuesday

Okay, so, you probably already knew that, but the title isn't really for the purpose of letting you know what day it is. That's what your calendar is for. Or your watch, or your widget, or your iPhone, or whatever the heck it is that you use to keep track of these things.

MAN! You managed to get me off track already and I've barely even started the post! Seriously, though folks. FOCUS! And yes...I generally do blame you. Why? Because I can't hear you argue! HA!

Okay...so...have I explained the whole 'Tuesday Presents' thing to you guys? I can't remember if I have or not, so I am going to do that today and if you have heard it before read this anyway just to humor me, K! thanks! Preciate it! (How do you type that lip smacking sound that one often makes after a sentence like that? Hmmm...something to ponder.....)

The Hubbums and I have a fun little 'thing' that we refer to as 'Tuesday Presents.' The capital letters are actually probably too much, as the whole point is that it is not a big occasion or a big deal at all, but rather just a simple little gift from one to the other 'cause we love each other and stuff. We try not to get to big on the commercial nature of the 'MAJOR holidays' and such because....well...because that's dumb. LOL! We both think it is way more fun to give presents just because we want to and because it's something special so we do! It's really fun! Sometimes it is something REALLY little....like a tiny little Pooh from a grocery store vending machine. The Hubbums loves those! Or, sometimes it is something BIG like the day that The Hubbums brought home a Wii for me! I was wicked crazy excited! I love that thing! It's way fun! The thing about Tuesday presents is this....they are random, they are fun, and they are ZERO pressure. Presents for the sake of giving! You should totally try it because that's the best way to give stuff! Only...there is one rule. Only one, actually, but it is an important one. Tuesday presents can never be given on TUESDAY. Yes, you read that right. You can't give a Tuesday present on a Tuesday otherwise it's not random anymore and that defeats the purpose. If you happen to buy or make on on a Tuesday you had better hold onto it for a day because it must be given on a non-Tuesday. Oh...and you aren't supposed to give them on birthdays or Christmas and stuff because, well, those aren't random either!

So, in honor of the Tuesday present and the fact that The Hubbums has been doing some totally awesome things lately and really making me a very proud Wifee, I decided to make him a card just for fun!

Patterned Paper: Die Cuts With a View and My Little Shoebox; Stickers: American Crafts; Gem Stones: unknown

It is really simple in design and pretty much inspired by that whole "Keep Calm and Carry On" look that is buzzing around right now. I like it because I was able to use sparkle and color and still maintain a fairly masculine look.

So, what do you think? How do you and your spouse use little things to show your love? I'd love to hear your stories!


  1. I'll randomly buy HIM flowers! And I've been known to throw a "random" note in his bag, "just cuz." We've been married 17 yrs and we still do things like that!! ;-)

  2. We have anniversary #39 in July. We do not have a name for it like Jingle's, but we just do funny goofy stuff all the time. I used to teach and travel schools. I came out to get in the car and there was a package on the steering wheel. It said from your friend---it was some cool stationery (back when people wrote letters!) Came out of the next school (from your husband) It was a housecoat. The last present was from "my Lover" and it was a 14K gold bracelet!

    I just love my hubby. He even does windows and fills my car with gas!

  3. I really like the idea of Tuesday Presents. And I love that they are not on Tuesdays!!! This is an adorable card, good job!

  4. Humm well he's not my spouse but Mr.H (the nonboyfriend of 2+ yrs lol) I email him every morning (unless i wake up next to him) and I like to leave little notes on his pillow sometimes. If I see something he would like, I purchase it and he does the same. This week he was at a store and saw a hockey key chain and got it for me. It's all about the thought :)

  5. Love your card! That is such a fun idea you two have. Unfortunately, my "love" is shown a bit differently...cause that's where we are at right now...but love to me is my husband religiously bathing the little man child and brushing his teeth each night, cause I am exhausted! He also is one of those amazing men who hear the "Honey can you...for me." the first time and gets right on it happily. Which always takes me aback...and makes me very happy! I think what has captured my husband by me is my ability to always keep him surprised. Never knows what I am going to do next-like one night I may cook dinner the next night I may not. hahaha Just kidding. I am blessed to have someone in my life whom feels equally blessed!

  6. LOVE the card and the idea....that was one of the things the marriage counselor told us....to do little things "just because" - which I have always done - him not so much - but he has gotten better

  7. Your card is fantastic! I love this idea and think we may just have a new tradition around here now! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I make my husband a bagel with pb every morning and wrap it in foil and put it in a brown paper bag. I often decorate the bag (he eats it on the way to work because he has a REALLY early morning meeting and can't get breakfast before it). It makes his day. Sometimes I just put a note in it... or a flower or something really dumb that i know will make him LHAO.

    Love your idea though. Random is so random! Love it.

  9. Very cute card and a really nice thing you have going with your husband! My husband does something for me that is almost like a present: he does all the laundry. No complaining. Hand wash, too. And folds and puts away. Without being asked. I haven't done laundry in...years. Maybe, like, 10 loads over the last several years. Seriously.


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