Frosted Treats - ***Etsy Love*** !!!UPDATE: Added a great deal!!!!

I am excited to share this awesome shop with you today! It has been on my list of things to do for a couple of weeks now, but I haven't had time to really sit down and do a proper write up until now and I am telling you this shop deserves some time!

Welcome to Frosted Treats!

So...as you already know, I pretty much love all things cupcake. That is where this Etsy Love started! You can find the CUTEST ever cupcake dangle charms over at Frosted Treats! Seriously...these are hand crafted little treasures that just make you smile! Good stuff, folks! GOOD STUFF!

FOR REAL?! Isn't that just too cute! I think it would be great on a necklace too, so maybe if you ask her really nicely she can work something out for you! ;-) LOL!

I also am totally in love with this Yellow Rose bracelet! Oh, My CUTENESS! I love it! And can you believe she actually MADE that rose?! SO stinking wonderful!

Frosted Treats also has some fabulous coffee cozies, and then, there lies my favoritist thing in the wholest widest shop! No, really. I want one SO BAD! I love them!!!! Are you ready for it?

Wait for it....

Oh....YES! These stupendous little tea cup pin cushions!!!! Seriously, folks. I am talking absolutely wonderful little pin cushions tucked and nestled into a fabulous vintage tea cup! LOVE the CUTENESS!

Do those not just make you so happy?! They make me so happy. They make me want to do crazy things like sew and stuff. I just adore them. Those are actually the first items in the shop that really caught my eye and I was just excited to see that I liked the rest of it! LOL!

To see more wonderfulness from Frosted Treats you should check out Jessica's blog and also follow Frosted Treats on Twitter! Jessica posts specials and other fun stuff on Twitter so keep your eyes open!

***Jess just contacted me to add a wonderful opportunity for all of you! ** Readers of Just Jingle will receive a FREE charm with any purchase! Be sure to mention Just Jingle at check out! *** Go! Shop! Now! Have fun!!!!

Have a Great Day! And remember...shop Etsy...it's real people making real stuff for real reasons. That's pretty cool. Be a part of it.


  1. Aloha from Maui:)

    Very cute:)

    Happy WW!
    Cindy O

  2. Thanks so much for the Etsy Love feature!!! I am so glad you like my shop ;D

    If you want to add this to the post - Feel free -

    ** Readers of Just Jingle will receive a FREE charm with any purchase! Be sure to mention Just Jingle at check out! **

    -Much love,
    Jess (aka FrostedTreats)

  3. I love frosted anything - these looks so cute!


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