Blue Cupcakes. HOLY YUM!

No, for real. They are REALLY yummy!

And blue.

I made cotton candy cupcakes using a great recipe from Cupcakes from the Cake Doctor and they came out really good! I was kind of surprised. I thought there was pretty much no way they could taste like cotton candy, but they totally do and they are great! Not too sweet, like you may fear, though. However, I didn't have a ton of butter on hand and I didn't have any actual cotton candy around, so I didn't make the buttercream for the top, so that could be sweeter...I don't know. We aren't big on frosting around here, so I skip it sometimes! But, anyway, you should totally try them because they are great!

Here they are! In all their blue glory!!!

And, yes, they are delicious when split in half and filled with vanilla ice cream in a lovely tea cup with a tiny spoon. Simply divine.

Now...if you will excuse me, I have a cupcake to eat.


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