What's on Your Workspace FLOOR Wednesday!!!

It's Wednesday and I am finally just getting back into the swing of things. I tend to want Christmas to last forever, so sometimes it's a bit tricky getting back to the routine, but, alas, here we are...ready for the next adventure!

Okay, so I'm kind of excited about this one...It's WOYWW and I have some GREAT news!

WOYWW 12.28.2011

Oh. You were expecting something different? Wellllll.....here's the thing....this is JUST my desk. And it is still a bit messy. HOWEVER....

WOYWW 2 12.28.2011

This is the floor BEHIND my desk! (That's where I stand when I work.)

woyww3 12.28.2011

This is the floor BESIDE my desk - on the adhesives side!

woyww4 12.28.2011

This is the floor BESIDE my desk - on the other side!

woyww5 12.28.2011

And THIS! Well, this is the main portion of the floor between my desk and the small Expedit unit where I keep my Cricut and my Mac. I'm particularly proud of this one.

Now...WHY ON EARTH AM I SHOWING YOU PICTURES OF THE FLOOR???? Well, that's easy! Because it's the first time ANYONE has been able to really see it in months! Yup! I spent HOURS in here cleaning and it feels SO amazing! I was actually quite shocked at how quickly the work went once I got started. And I had only set out to find a home for my ribbon and a stack of books, but it just kept going from there and I couldn't stop! I even have my spot for taking photos of my work back! (This is where you have previously seen stacks and stacks of cards and projects. Just say'n.)

woyww 6 12.28.2011

So, my dear friends, it seems I'm back! I'm ready for the new year and I am ready for new adventures! Oh...speaking of new adventures, you should really check out the Amazing Mold Putty blog! I posted a fun tutorial for this little sprinkles key chain. If you haven't tried working with molds and resins yet, you totally should! It's way easier than it looks and super fantasticly fun!!!

Sprinkles Keychain

Happy Wednesday to all!!!!

Jingle Out!


  1. Gee Jennifer, and I'm such a fan of your messy art room!!! LOL. Big congrats on the floor! I can relate as the piles on mine are slowly finding their way into cupboards, and baskets and 'their spots'! Eventually it will all go back to normal, LOL, but what a great way to start the New Year! Congrats! It is a fussy job!!
    Happy New Year to you! Always love your posts!

  2. OOOOOOOH! You were SERIOUSLY on a straightening spree! Room looks super! Wish I could say the same for mine. Looks like a Houston hurricane hit it! But I don't mind as long as it's because I'm in the midst of a creative period! And I'm a HUGE fan of the Amazing Putty!!! ADDICTIVE! Your keychain totally rocks! Now I'm off to mess up my craft room some more! HUGS!

  3. Such a fun key chain and check out that fab floor:)

  4. Love your wood floor. And that key chain is super creative.

  5. Great job! Can you come over and clean my craft space?;-)

  6. Hi Jingle, great job - I feel floored just looking at it. I have lots of lovely floors here if you feel like carrying on the good work! Valerie

  7. looks like a fun workspace!

    cute key chain

  8. I love messes...but YAY for having a floor all clean! ;)

  9. My goal today is to find my floor so thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I love it. It looks as if you have certainly been busy and creating up a storm!

  11. Your keychain is adorable! I would have to refrain myself from licking it.

  12. You crack me up... okay I think it might be time to share what my room looks like (again)... as I can't seem to get past the piles on the floor... (where did they come from?)

  13. I know how good that feels. Rock on, girl!

  14. hiya...omg love your floor hahaha

    I can rarely see mine, when the desk is tidy the floor is bad and vice versa. I do have a little path out of the room, I mean I do need an escape route..

    Hope you have had a wonderful xmas and wishing you a great 2012.

    if you fancy a weekly challenge, check out the postcard challenge I have set up, it starts on the 2nd Jan. xxx

  15. what a fun keychain...love it..

    Don't you just love wood floors? I love your craft room because it looks like lots of fun stuff... Have fun.

  16. what a fantastic keychain, Jingle! and congrats on the clean room! I have to start clearing mine out as the hubby is making over the room for me as my Christmas gift - so excited!!!

  17. Wow! Talk about New Year's cleaning! I am SO jealous! I wish that I could see that much of my floor! You definately deserve a round of claps! and a *Woo Hoo* Happy New Years! -Amanda #9

  18. Woo hoo! You're space is looking good! So rush right on over here and take a crack at my mess, K? Thanks;)


  19. LOL! I think all of us have wondered at one time or another where our floor is, and if we're ever going to find it again. LOL!
    Love your keychain!

  20. Congratulations on regaining your floor space! I am now sufferng from Floor Envy! But I do have good reason as I have a new drawer unit :-) I will show you all next week.
    Happy New Year
    P.S Like the keyring!

  21. ohhh Good for you Jennifer! Are you ready to come do mine? LOL
    Let the new Year begin.
    hugs Lynn

  22. dinky sprinkles, and wow - a floor - well done you

    did you know your woywwer link goes straight back to JD?


    hoppy new year

  23. Been waiting on you to fix your link..just sayin ;) I also took a picture from the floor view, but mine isn't cleanned up, yours is much better! lol happy New Years from North Carolina!

  24. The Tidy Bug is out in force this week- I think most of us caught it, lol.I hope you had a great Christmas, and have a very Happy New Year, love Shaz xx

  25. Please can you come and do my floor and room. I am heading that way after dinner and dreading the job. I have just ordered the foamboard that Shaz recommended in the hope that I can get all my ribbons into one tidy box, which would be good. have a very Happy New Year filled with good health, happiness and fun. xx Maggie #49

  26. Congrats on the tidy up, I think that's the theme this week getting ready for crafty goodness 2012, Hugs May x x x x

  27. Whoa! A floor! I'm a big floor piler too, so I understand the excitement of finding the floor again too. I don't dare leave things on the floor too long as invariably a cat will decide a pile is an excellent place for a hairball. ICK!

  28. Your posts always make me smile - THANKS!!!

  29. Well, I don't know which I like best, the cleared floor, and your revelling in it...or the 'adhesives side' of your desk, I need to get me another side to my desk!!
    There you are fit and ready for 2012, I wish you nothing but good things.

  30. You have a lovely floor. Now hurry and mess it up!

  31. So I came over to thank you for swinging by my blog when I realized I had already seen been here. ;)
    How much can I thank you for this post? I have EXACTLY the same problem right now and I keep battling my battle against messy only to go back and make MORE mess! My floor is clear right about now- but only for a little bit of time. At least I know I'm not alone.

  32. Loved this post! You made me laugh. Loved this sprinkled piece, so sweet!


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