Let's Go Shopping!

I haven't done a favorites post lately, so I thought I would share a few things I've purchased lately and found that I just LOVE!!! And if I love it, I bet you will, too!  Check it!

From Hero Arts:

This Capture Prism stamp is just AWESOME!  I have used it and really loved what I created and I have seen so many fabulous ideas I can't wait to play with it more!

This one is from the new Highline collection and it is the coolest chalkboard background stamp EVER!  I used it on a card recently and fell head over heels, dude.  It's wicked awesome.  I can't show you that card yet, but all in due time, my friends, all in due time!

From Basic Grey:

Okay, so this next one caught me off guard.  Basic Grey, to be honest, had fallen out of my sights a bit.  I hadn't been loving their stuff, but their recent CHA release was like HOLY WOW!  Spice Market was probably the one I was least interested in UNTIL I saw it used!  WHOA, dude.  For reals.  Well, I bought it, I love it.  You need it.  'Nough said.

And this one.  *SWOON!*  Just look at these happy colors.  This one came as no surprise.  I saw it.  I loved it.  End of story.  LOL!  The Fresh Cut collection is just wonderful for spring!  And happy days.  I like happy days.

Hello, cuteness.  It's so nice to meet you!  That's pretty much the feeling that Chickaniddy stuff gives me.  Love it.  Tones.  It has a funky mix of softness, frill, graphic, and floral.  I like it.  It's different.  These Date Night stamps...yup...totes adorbs, folks.  Totes. Adorbs.  AND...they are made in the US and great quality. This doesn't always happen with paper companies so I was quite happy when I got these in hand and found them to be super fabulous!

And the STICKERS!  Yup.  Good 'ole fashioned STICKERS.  I love them.  And I love that they are only 99 cents and I can buy two sets...one to use and one to hoard.  Naturally.  HA!  These are the Date Night Banner stickers and I super duper love the diamonds!  LOVE THEM!  I need more.  You know, now that I think about it... 

Hello to my new best friend, otherwise known as the Wide Stripes Background Stamp.  For reals, you guys.  FOR. REALS.  It's flippin' awesome.  And that's all I can even say about that.

And this one.  Handwritten Borders.  WHOA is this stamp set useful!  I've pulled it out several times and honestly I have only had it for a couple of weeks!  It is a great go-to and instantly turned into a staple in my studio!  Love it!

And, finally (because I could totally do this all day, but you probably have stuff to do), we come to a couple of favorites from Paper Smooches:

Okay, folks, don't just think rainbows on this one, think curves, half circles, full circles, colors, and overall amazeballs happenings.  Because that is what this handy dandy little rainbow die will offer you.  For reals.  SUCH a fun die to have on hand!  I love it.  Tons.

And this one.  Another instant staple.  And yes, I recognize that I am showing you TWO scripty sentiment sets, but seriously, I use both and I use the A LOT!  This Scripty Sayings set gives you a ton of everyday sentiments that are easy to add to a card without being overly simple.  I love it.  Super lots.

And, now it's time to go!  I hope you have enjoyed this little shopping with Jingle experience today!  Have fun with your new goodies!  :)

Have a Happy!


  1. some fun stuff jingle, I have the paper Smooches in my wish list, thanks for sharing!

    sparkle & shine *~*

  2. totally lovin' all your picks! very fun stamps!

  3. Awesome picks!!! Love the stamps you highlighted!

  4. Super fun list! I just picked up Fresh Cuts and both of the Simon Says products are on my wish list. Thank you for introducing me to some fabulous new products. =) Have a fantastic day!

  5. love both those sentiment stamps and I feel the same way about the spice market papers--lovely!

  6. I love the second stamp and the Handwritten Borders.

  7. GOOD stuff! I am all about those papers, and the SSS sets are EVERYTHING! Oh, yeah, totally love the PS stuff, too...

  8. Super fun goodies!!!!

    yahooooo for Chickaniddy Crafts! Aren't the stamps fantastic?!!! So are the stickers, and their brads, paper and don't forget their foil paper...

  9. What a fun post.
    I LOVE the Simon Says sentiment sets. Gotta get me some of those.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Crafty hugs,


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